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Video Game / Harvest Moon (Natsume)

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This page is for the post-split Natsume games, For the original series, see Story of Seasons

Harvest Moon, or Bokujou Monogatari as it's known in Japan, is a long-running series of life sims and farming sims. They have traditionally been translated by Natsume, but this changed in 2014.

In early 2014, Marvelous AQL dropped Natsume as publishing and localization company for Bokujou Monogatari in the West, switching instead to XSEED Games, their Western division who were already localizing Rune Factory. However, Natsume still owns the rights to the Harvest Moon brand and has chosen to continue making games under the "Harvest Moon" label. These games are not related to the Marvelous-made Bokujou Monogatari but are instead similarly styled lookalikes using the Harvest Moon name.

The games take inspiration from the classic Harvest Moon titles, such as Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, and feature several similarities from them. The general style is the same and Natsume still uses the "Harvest Goddess", "Harvest Sprites", etc, but the Heart system has been replaced with the Notes system (and as a result, Heart Events are "Note Events").

These games are not available in Japan due to copyright reasons.


This series provides examples of: