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Harvest Moon: GBC 2 was the second Harvest Moon (now known as the Story of Seasons) game to be released on Game Boy Color, before Harvest Moon GBC 3note , and after the original Harvest Moon GBnote 

Harvest Moon 2 starts with the mayor of a village, who determines that, to stay alive, they must use the old abandoned farmland outside of town and turn it into an amusement park. However, someone (that's you) volunteers to take over the farm. He is given 3 years to accomplish it, or the farm will be turned into a theme park.

Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland, and its remake Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, are later games in the Harvest Moon series that adopted a similar plot line.


Harvest Moon GBC 2 contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Explanation: It's never explained why Maria ran away from home in the original game. Here, she's trying to escape an Arranged Marriage.
  • Arranged Marriage: The mayor wants his daughter Maria to marry an unspecified man. Maria, however, doesn't want to. This leads to her temporarily staying at Sara's until her father convinces her to come home.
  • Canon Name: The playable characters are Pete and Sara.
  • Community-Threatening Construction: The proposed amusement park.
  • Excuse Plot: The Amusement park is used only as an incentive for the player to get the farm up and running again and isn't delved into too much.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The Doctor, known only as Doctor.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • You can't get married. Harvest Moon GBC 3 would later add this option, but only to the other Player Character option.
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    • Like the priest in the first game, Cain wears a cross. Future games depict priests and pastors as wearing a fictional red symbol instead of a crucifix.
  • Recurring Character: Pete's appearance in both this game and the original cements him as one. He appears as the male Player Character in every game after this one up until Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, where Mark is the protagonist instead.
  • Timed Mission: You have 3 years to revitalize the farm
  • Ultimate Authority Mayor: As in most Harvest Moon games, the mayor has no City Council to answer to, and can do whatever he decides to do with little opposition

Alternative Title(s): Harvest Moon GBC 2, Harvest Moon 2 GBC