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"...and it is developed by one third of The Police"
Chuggaaconroy in the intro of The Runaway Guys Lets Play of Dokapon Kingdom.

Sting Entertainment 『株式会社スティング』, founded on February 7, 1989, is a relatively small Japanese company that provides phone services and enjoys making games with unusual systems or concepts. Shinichi Ito is one of their head designers. They've gained notoriety for remaking some of their more successful games over and over and over, but recently they've been branching out and have been producing more new games. Their company name is sometimes stylized as ST!NG.

Many of their games have cellphone minigame spinoffs that no one outside of Japan gets to play, as our cellphones just can't handle them yet.

Most of Sting's later games have been published by Atlus, and in Atlus of Japan has signed a deal with them to be their exclusive publisher. Despite this, a lot of Sting's recent games have been suffering from No Export for You, as Atlus USA has chosen not to localize them.

Sting formed a partnership with fellow company Idea Factory in 2012, and some games they make together have been released under the joint company name of Super Sting.

They are particularly known for their absolute love of Gratuitous English.

Sting's titles include the following: