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onEscapee is a Cinematic Platformer inspired by Flashback and Another World. It was released for Amiga (1997), Microsoft Windows (2004), and iPhone (2009, as The Escapee). All versions of the game have been made freeware.

You can watch the longplay here.

onEscapee provides examples of:

  • Alien Abduction: You start the game on a distant planet, the sole survivor of your abductors' shipwreck.
  • CamelCase: The title is a stylized spelling of "One Escapee."
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  • Downer Ending: You found survivors and managed to kill the nemesis! Unfortunately, your body temperature dropped, indicating to the survivors who commandeered a ship and is waiting for you that you died. By the time you leave the water, they had already left as the world starts to explode...
  • Freeware: See Let's Play below.
  • Let's Play: SupSuper did one on the PC version. He even provided a free download to the game, which was made free by the original creators to celebrate its anniversary.
  • The Many Deaths of You: There are lots of them here. The end of the long play showcases most of them.
  • Nintendo Hard: Not many things are as obvious as they should be, and half of the enemies can instantly kill you too. And that's not including the many death traps in this game.
  • Olympic Swimmer: The main character performs quite well under water.
  • Shout-Out: One character you find at the end of the game, is a survivor who happens to look like Lester from Another World.
    • Debatable, but some of the animations are suspiciously similar to what was shown in Flashback.
  • Violation of Common Sense: To get by the obstacle in the first part of the game, you are required to get hit by the disposal unit to be launched past it. This takes a huge chunk of your health by the way.


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