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Overpowered is a short Platform Hell game by Askiisoft.

The game contains examples of the following tropes:

  • A Twinkle in the Sky: The cat that you "rescue" ends up as one.
  • Boss Warning Siren: The boss gets one. Then again, maybe it is the boss that needs to be warned about you at that point.
  • Catharsis Factor: Getting the orb makes you invincible and lets you let loose on all the things that killed you in one hit before.
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  • Cat Up a Tree: The final act before the credits roll is rescuing a cat from a tree. In a way, since you just punch it into A Twinkle in the Sky.
  • Collapsing Lair: The place starts to explode after you beat the final boss.
  • Creative Closing Credits: You get to beat them up as they scroll
  • Death Course: Half of the screens.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: You will be back playing faster than you can say "I died again". Twice, on harder screens.
  • Harmless Enemy: The bunnies can't hurt you directly. They just bounce you towards danger instead.
  • Load-Bearing Boss: The final (and only) boss.
  • Multiple Life Bars: The boss has several layers of them. Not that it matters when it goes down in one hit.
  • Pendulum of Death: There is one of these in the game.
  • Platform Hell: You will die several times before you even get past the main menu properly and then die a lot in the other rooms as well.
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  • Press Start to Game Over: There is a swinging ball above your initial spawn location. It is already moving by the time you spawn.
  • Pushy Mooks: The rabbits knock you around, nearly always into something deadly.
  • Purposely Overpowered: The orb that you collect towards the end.
  • Respawn on the Spot: You respawn right at the same screen when you die.
  • Spike Balls of Doom: Tend to fall on you at the most inconvenient spots.
  • Spikes of Doom: Strangely enough, the spike pit you jump into doesn't kill you. Just knocks you out for three hours.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: Since you "fight" the boss after collecting the orb that makes you invincible, it goes down in one hit.

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