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  • Their article on Bubsy, which starts out praising the games before revealing that was sarcasm:
    "But what would all of this be without a solid game to back it up? Bubsy is one of the deepest, most involving, thought-provoking games of it's era. You see...ah, who am I kidding, Bubsy is SHIT."
  • Pretty much the entirety of the Final Fantasy articles. Being a rehost of articles on a different site, the tone is noticeably different and more irreverent.
    "His ultimate goal is to unleash and control the power of the Void because he's an evil tree. Most of his time onscreen is spent gloating, blowing stuff up, tying moogles to train tracks, and twirling his long, black mustache while demanding the poor sobbing heroine pay the rent. Yeah, he's pretty one-dimensional."
    "One [outfit] looks like a twenty-eight year old pedophile trying to squeeze into the Peter Pan costume he wore trick-or-treating when he was twelve. The other looks like he's being devoured alive by a giant green tube sock."
    "The year was 1989. SquareSoft's mailboxes were full of angry mail from Japanese mothers who'd bought their children Final Fantasy II and were now facing massive hospital bills because their kids were bashing themselves in the skulls with baseball bats and big sticks, thinking it would make them stronger."
  • This line about the less-than-intimidating appearance of one of the dinosaurs from fighting game Dino Rex:
    "The T-Rex looks strangely obese, as if it had received a lifetime all-you-can-eat buffet membership and is just now living with the consequences."