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Legacy of the Wizard is an 1989 action adventure RPG for the Nintendo Entertainment System, developed by Falcom. It is the fourth game in the Dragon Slayer series, and was the first to make it Stateside on consoles, courtesy of Brøderbund Software. Released in Japan as Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family on the Famicom, it was notably the first game developed by Falcom specifically for a gaming console (the company was primarily a PC developer, releasing games on platforms such as the PC-8800 and the X1), although it was also released for the MSX2 and later ported to the original MSX (which were much closer to gaming consoles than traditional PCs).

It features the exploits of the Worzen family, a family of woodcutters. The grandfather is rather legendary for defeating and sealing away a dragon named Keela. However one day, there are signs of the dragon awakening and the family of humble lumberjacks resolve to strap on their adventuring outfits and venture into the vast dungeon, which lies directly below their log cabin in the woods.

That's the short version of the story of Legacy of the Wizard. The long version is spending many untold hours navigating the labyrinthine maze, collecting four crowns, a magic sword and other items, all the while trying to avoid running out of magic, keys and life. The dungeon is crawling with monsters at every turn and getting trapped is easier than you think should you stray into the wrong part of the dungeon with the wrong character.

Each of the family members has different abilities, each of which is suited for specific areas of the dungeon. Xemn, the father, can push blocks; Meyna, the mother, can fly; Lyll, the daughter, can break blocks and jump high; Pochi, the family's pet dragon dog... thing, is immune to damage from enemy monsters, and Roas, the son, can teleport at specific locations and use the Dragon Slayer.

A freeware remix for Legacy of the Wizard is currently in the works by Kiragames. The first beta version is available for download.

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