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Video Game / Midnight Resistance

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Dad... Mom... Sis... Please Be Careful.
Midnight Resistance is a side-scrolling action shooter produced by Data East in 1989.

You play as one or two resistance soldiers, whose family has been kidnapped by a mysterious villain called King Crimson, including their grandfather, who is a scientist, and he's being forced to build a doomsday superweapon for them.

The game was first made for Arcade Game systems and then ported to various platforms in 1990. It is an instant fireworks show with a lot of fast-paced action, unique enemies and bosses. The original arcade version made used of a rotary joystick similar to its predecessor Heavy Barrel, allowing for separate controls for aiming and moving.


Midnight Resistance provides examples of:

  • Background Boss: The second boss, a squadron of fighter planes. They'll actually fly in formation in the background after every bombing run, although this only just shows to the player how many of them are left.
  • BFG: Quite impressive choice of ways to do damage. Absolutely necessary for boss levels.
  • IKEA Weaponry: Collect red keys on your way to upgrade to better weapons.
  • Multiple Endings: The only difference being whichever relatives you rescue will be standing with you on the ending screen.
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  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Your character dies instantly when hit.
  • Sadistic Choice: If you have less than six keys when you reach the captured family members, you'll have to leave at least one behind to die.
  • Save the Princess: The Big Bad has kidnapped the protagonists' family members.
  • Shows Damage: As bosses take damage, they gradually explode and gain smoking cracks.
  • Wolfpack Boss: The second boss, a squadron of fighter jets that drop bombs on the player. They don't have too much health individually and appear one at a time (with maximum two on screen) attacking only once each run, but you have to take down ten of them.