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Briganty: The Roots of Darkness is an H-Game Action RPG created in 1995 by GIGA (a brand of Technical Group Laboratory, or TGL for short, you may know them better as the developers of the Fighting Game Advanced Variable Geo or the earlier Sword Dancer) for the PC-98 computer. It's a rare mixture of Platform Game, Beat 'em Up, and standard RPG gameplay (and some parts are played like a Visual Novel). This game is part of the very small group of PC-98 games that are not Visual Novels, Shoot 'em Ups, or traditional RPGs in a strict sense.


In Briganty, we meet Gady, a Black Magician and adept martial artist along with his Fairy Companion Leena, the two are travelling around the world, but Gady is only interested in beautiful girls than everything else. Soon they meet a girl who needs some help and Gady gleefully accepts...only to be striped of all the money and items the two had. After arguing some more (mostly Leena, who was stuffed in the coat by Gady for suspecting), the two meet a swordswoman named Sephina, who tells them (after beating and knocking out Gady) that her sister found a mysterious sword and she's not herself, so Gady and Leena decide to help her. This is where the adventure begins.

Briganty plays like an Action RPG Beat 'em Up game: you have two player characters to use, and as you gain experience and Level Up, you will also gain the ability of execute Magic/Special attacks by using command inputs like a Fighting Game. Also, this game brings some non-linearity by letting you choose your next stage on the map outside the town.


Briganty provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Sephina.
  • Building Swing: With the secret rope item, necessary to find some secret areas. Hint: it's in the first floor of the tower level.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Averted, pressing both Attack+Jump will release one of your spells instead, although there're somewhat limited.
  • Death from Above: Gady's most powerful spell is one of these.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: Gady, preferring to use his fists, although he can use some devastating spells later on as you Level Up.
  • Lava Pit: These replace the Spikes of Doom on later levels. You don't die if you fall on these, but these will bring Collision Damage and deplete your Life bar fast.
  • Life Meter
  • One-Word Title
  • Save Point: Averted with the Inn, you can rest here and recover your health, but not save. The church, being run by a little girl, fills this purpose.
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  • Spikes of Doom: Some early levels have these, and they work like the Lava Pit mentioned above, so if you fall on them...get out!!
  • Wall Jump: Your characters can do it to access some areas early without the rope item.

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