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A very specific variety of Intercontinuity Crossover that has proven so popular and spawned so many instances that it practically counts as its own genre: a Ranma ½ / Sailor Moon crossover in which girl-form Ranma becomes a member of the Sailor Senshi, or otherwise takes up the role of Magical Girl. It is so called because Ranma almost always ends up in the Sailor Fuku-styled uniforms of the Senshi. ("Fuku" by itself is just Japanese for "clothes".)

This is a variety of fic particularly prominent during the '90s, as these were the two most prominent Shōjo and Shōnen series at the time; it still remains surprisingly popular.

If you want the other kind of Fuku Fic, the one that actually takes place in school and doesn't have anything to do with Ranma or Sailor Moon in some cases, check High School A.U.. Sub-trope of Magical Girl A.U.. Not to be confused with a Fuk U Fic.



  • One of the best examples extant, and probably the trope maker, is Lines of Destiny by Louis-Philippe Giroux. Sadly, it's a Dead Fic.
  • There is an entire website dedicated to this concept, the Temple of Ranma's Senshi Seifuku, located at the predictable URL of
  • Although for the moment it's a Dead Fic, Mark "Togashi Gaijin" Shurtleff's Relatively Absent is both an excellent example and an excellent subversion of the concept.
    • Also on the same website is Shurtleff's incomplete Ten of Two, another subversion in which Ranma does not just join the Sailor Senshi, he becomes the Sailor Senshi. All of them.
      • Both fics are not just dead but also permanently removed from the internet with Togashi Gaijin's recent departure from the fanfiction business.
      • However, they are still available to an extent through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.
  • Similarly, Rob "Kenko" Haynie's Paragon subverts the usual arrangements.
    • Haynie's approached the Fuku Fic from several unusual directions. In addition to Paragon, there's CATS (complete) and Crossed Moon (incomplete, with only a prologue and chapter one extant). Both are... different and both are quite good.
  • Sailor Ranko, by Duncan "Fire" Zillman, is a fairly straightforward version with Ranma as an Ascended Fangirl's reincarnation...
    • ...but Zillman's Destiny's Child is a much more byzantine one which has, among other things, Ranma being over four hundred years old by the time the Senshi show up. With training from Lina Inverse.
  • The Adventures of Sailor Ranko is an entire webcomic based on this premise. More specifically, based on Zillman's story from the previous entry (evidently).
    • If it continues long enough, it will most likely cover Twice in a Millennium and then Burger Becky's Sailor Ranko stories as well. And considering that Becky is involved in creating the comic...
      • Sadly it appears both the webcomic and Becky's stories are Dead Fics.
  • Stephen Tsai's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Ranma is an early (1993 or -94) Ranma-Sailor Moon Fusion. Ranma is Sailor Moon, his main fiancées are the Inner Senshi, and his magical advisor is P-chan. Usually played for laughs; for example, Ranma refuses to use the Moon Tiara Magic attack because it's too girly, and uses a Mouko Takabisha instead to finish off youma — prompting P-chan to comment that it's many episodes too early to have learned that.
  • Ozzallos' Heir To The Empire, written 2006-7, proves the subgenre is far from dead and can still spring some surprises on even the most jaded reader.
  • The as-yet incomplete Shin Silver Millennium Monogatari by Suika Roberts is interesting in postulating a highly technomagical Moon Kingdom that fell half a million years ago; Ranma is not a senshi, but the reincarnation of Beryl's little sister, who was in Serenity's palace guard. It isn't quite a pure Fuku Fic in that there are tiny Shout Outs to Neon Genesis Evangelion scattered throughout.
  • Contrast Match by Weebee
    • Unfortunately, weebee doesn't seem to be able to continue the story.
      • A fan, however, is picking it up, fine tuning some old chapter grammar and such, and hoping to continue the story to the end. You can find it here.
  • Reflections of Ruin manages to combine Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, and Lovecraftian Fiction.
  • Fist of the Moon, in which a very different version of Sailor Moon R is presented. Due to Ranma's influence and training, all of the Senshi become much more powerful and have abilities they don't in canon (Sailor Mars can fly). Features a Ranma/Usagi pairing so there is plenty of Mamoru and Akane bashing earlier on, but both never stray into Ron the Death Eater territory and eventually get better as the story progresses. Completed, with 18 chapters.
  • Not Ranma, but a similar idea plays out in Sailor Hellblazer where John Constantine accidentally winds up invoking a henshin pen meant for his niece and gets stuck with the role. Yes, THAT John Constantine.
  • A boy in the hand by Dogbertcarroll, a lighthearted (and recently-updated) story featuring a Ranma/Hotaru pairing. Note that there are two somewhat different versions of this fic on the Net — the Fanfiction.Net version linked above, and one found on the Anime Addventure (below).
    • It should probably be noted that Ranma actually becomes a Mask instead of a Senshi.
  • While not primarily or solely about Sailor Moon/Ranma ½ crossovers, Anime Addventure (a choose/add your own story type site with multiple branches, storylines, and restart points) inevitably contains a number of fuku fic plotlines.
  • What better way to tell that this has become an entire genre? Why, when a deconstruction of it is created, of course!
  • Fanfiction writer Chris Angel gave an example of how he thought a proper Ranma ½/Sailor Moon fic should go. It can be found here. Unfortunately, it's only a one-shot, but the ending is great.
  • Featherbrite's Tale by Gregg "Metroanime" Sharp (located about one-third of the way down the linked page) is a Fuku Fic in which Sailor Moon is still fictional, but Ranma and the rest of the cast become ersatz Senshi anyway. As the winner of The Bet, it is naturally predicated on one tiny change made to Ranma's life. Sadly, it's a Dead Fic, twice over: Sharp got to 14 chapters of a first version, then began a rewrite that got as far as the sixth chapter, before abandoning the project entirely. However, clever readers can work out the probable ending from the information available to them by the end of the last extant chapter of the first version.
  • An interesting take on this is The Return, where the fuku in question causes so much Loss of Identity that Ranma becomes quite arguably an original character, even taking to using a different name.
    • Written, unsurprisingly, by one of the Temple of Ranma's Senshi Seifuku forum admins.
  • In the prologue of Lemon Sherbet, a Ranma/Sailor Moon crossover lemon by John Biles, Ranma has a brief run-in with the author and actually attempts to veto the fic because of this trope. He only agrees to participate after a promise not to become a senshi (and some blackmail). He never said anything about becoming a Kamen, though. While female.
  • An interesting variation on the theme can be seen in the Dead Fic A Call To Action by Mike Koos, in which it's not Ranma but Nabiki Tendo who's Sailor Terra.
  • Bishonen Senshi Sailor Moon by Ryo Wolf. Ranma becomes Sailor Moon, Ryouga is Mercury, Konatsu and Ryu Kumon are Mars and Jupiter, oh, and Luna is a squirrel (according to Ranma). And yeah, the Senshi are all girls, whether they want to be or not. Sadly it appears to be a Dead Fic.
  • Half Moon, by SKJAM!, has a slight twist — Usagi is the third Tendou sister instead of Akane, so the events of both Sailor Moon and Ranma ½ are happening at the same time...
  • In the early 1990s, one of the FIDO Net discussion groups was the site of a Babylon 5 fanfic titled Sailor Babylon, which among other things had G'Kar turning into a Senshi.
  • There's a wiki that has nearly every fukufic on the internet with updates and descriptions. [1]
  • The fanfic No Chance for Fate is a very thorough deconstruction of the common Fuku Fic tropes - all while keeping the story and characters intact. Not only does Ranma not become a Senshi, but common plots in this kind of crossover are either deconstructed, subverted or averted, which also extends to the canon source material. Additionally, countless lampshades are hung together with lots of snarking about things like clichè plots. Nevertheless, the story despite - or because of - it, is a good read.
  • Though inspired, Ranma Club is an aversion to standard fukufics done as an experiment. Instead of Sailor Moon, Ranma crosses with Winx Club where he becomes part fairy instead of a Senshi. It does eventually cross with Sailor Moon in which Ranma and his group show that the Senshi’s way of fighting monsters is ineffective against those who are serious (they don’t stop to listen to their speeches and their attacks take too long). He and the Winx show a different and more efficient way magical girls can fight.


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