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Fanfic / Fooly Falls

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Fooly Falls is a Crossover fanfic between Gravity Falls and FLCL by Lightyearpig (the creator of the Marvel Gems Universe and Gravity Soul) on Fanfiction, DeviantArt and Tumblr.

It all began when Dipper & Mabel Pines went out into the forest in search of a powerful wizard's tomb when Dipper was beat over the head by a Rickenbacker bass held by Haruko Haruhara, who then starts living at the Mystery Shack and befriending their Grunkle Stan. But when Dipper finds robots growing out of a horn sprouted on his head, his summer gets even stranger than usual.


A sequel based off of FLCL Progressive titled "Ride on Shooting Star" that features the main characters' children can be found here.

Fooly Falls contains examples of:

Ride on Shooting Star contains examples of:


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