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Greta Celeste Gerwig (born August 4, 1983 in Sacramento, California) is an American actor, playwright, screenwriter, and director.

Gerwig first gained attention for her work in several 2000s films associated with the "mumblecore" genre, of which she has since been deemed a codifier. During the latter half of the decade, she additionally co-wrote or co-directed a number of the films she acted in, which were primarily directed by Joe Swanberg.

Beginning in the 2010s, she collaborated with her partner Noah Baumbach on several films including Frances Ha, for which she received a Golden Globe acting nomination. Some of her other film credits as an actress include Wiener-Dog, the Jacqueline Kennedy biopic Jackie, and 20th Century Women. She also starred as the lead in a planned How I Met Your Mother spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, in 2014, but it wasn't picked up with a series order.

In 2017, a new phase of Gerwig's career and popularity began with her debut as a solo writer-director. To date, she has directed three films: Lady Bird, Little Women and Barbie. All three were widely acclaimed, and all of them received Academy Award nods for Best Picture (giving Gerwig the history-making distinction of being the only director to have their first three films all be Best Picture nominees) and for Gerwig's screenplays among other nominations (though Gerwig getting passed over for Best Director for Little Women and especially Barbie proved to be controversial). Barbie marked Gerwig's biggest budget ($145 million) and most star-studded cast (led by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling) yet, and was an undisputed box office sensation, grossing over $1.4 billion. It became the highest-grossing film of 2023 and currently stands as the highest-grossing film released by Warner Bros. and the highest-grossing film by a solo female director.

In July 2023, it was reported that Gerwig had been hired by Netflix to write and direct two film adaptations of C. S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia book series for the streamer.

Gerwig and Baumbach have two sons together, born in 2019 and 2023.

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