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Fanfic / Pokémon Crossing

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Tom Nook: "What kinds of trainers do you see yourselves becoming with these starters by your side? Where do you see yourself in the future? What new horizons do you see yourselves reaching?"

Pokémon Crossing is an Animal Crossing and Pokémon Crossover fanfiction written by Cherry Bomb Bees.

In this story, countless Animal Crossing characters are residents throughout the Pokémon world (with villagers becoming trainers, gym leaders, or even joining villainous teams).

Holly Sussex (formerly known as Benedict), Tank Pepper and Kidd Chavignol are three fourteen-year-olds who just received their starter Pokémon from Professor Tom Nook. Now traveling together, the protagonists discover what adventures await them in the Hoenn region.

The main story, Fly Me to the Moon is also available on

A tie-in series of gaidens can be read on AO3. The Discord server can be visited here.

And let me play among these tropes:

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And let me see what spring is like on, Jupiter and Mars

Alternative Title(s): Pokemon Crossing Fly Me To The Moon