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Fanfic / Pokémon Bold Bronze and Strong Steel

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Pokemon Bold Bronze and Strong Steel is a steampunk, slightly Alternate Universe fanfiction by mysterynovelist2010 that, while following the backbone of the Generation II games and their remakes, diverges greatly into own plot.

In a world where girls are forbidden by law from becoming Pokemon Trainers, Kris decides to flee her drab boarding school and become a Trainer disguised as a male. Just cut your hair, wrap up, throw on some guys' clothes, and be on your way. Simple enough, right? Wrong, for it seems that an organization once thought eliminated has returned to conquer the Johto region. And if that weren't bad enough, Kris also has to deal with a bothersome thief named Soul, whose determined to get his hands on the region's most powerful relics in order to obtain the local legendary Pokemon; a rival in a young girl named Lyra, who's determined to follow in Leaf's footsteps and defeat the League herself to prove that girls can be Trainers; and finally, Ethan, a fellow Trainer who Kris might just be falling for. Missing gym leaders, Pokemon suddenly going psychotic, sexist attitudes, and crazy nuns don't exactly help, either.


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Part I of the Poke Punkverse.

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