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Greetings, !Hola!, and Konichiwa and Hajimashite! I am the one formerly called mysterynovelist. Due to technical difficulties (my old computer crashed) and my poor memory, I am no longer able to reach my original page. Therefore, this shall be my new page from now on.

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  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch—Another of this troper's friends hates anime, but has never watched one in her life.
  • Genius Ditz—Two of this troper's friends are this. One even went as far as sitting on a treadmill... while it was on. Needless to say, she got slammed into the wall. You'd think that would stop her from doing it again, but no...
  • I Didn't Mean to Turn You On—One of this troper's friends is the unfortunate victim of Unwanted Harem.
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  • Tsundere—All of this troper's female friends, to varying degrees.

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