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Fighting for Gork... or possibly Mork

A tabletop game released by Games Workshop in 1997 as a Warhammer 40,000 spinoff.

The action takes place on the world of Angelis, a planet in the extreme edge of the galactic northeast. An Imperial exploration team had just landed to explore the mysterious alien ruins when an Ork-infested space hulk dropped out of a warp rift and hit the planet like a wrecking ball, if wrecking balls could kill planetary populations. The Ork survivors promptly rebuilt the ruined hulk into a new ship design to get off the planet and go back to WAAAAAGH-ing around the galaxy, but a chance resemblance to an Ork god-effigy led to massive fights over which of the Ork gods it resembled more: Gork or Mork. After the fighting led to ages of work being ruined and the ship more or less destroyed, the Mekboy rulers declared that it would be known as "Gorkamorka", and that anyone who brought them lots of scrap during the rebuilding efforts would get a guaranteed seat on board when it left.

Action focuses mainly on the Ork warbands running around in Mad Max-style junk-vehicles beating each other up and salvaging scrap, but there are other factions — the Diggaboyz, degenerate human survivors who are favoured by something in the ruins; Muties, mutants twisted by the massive radioactive disaster produced by the hulk's reactors breaching; and Rebel Grots, the Orks' Gretchin subclass rising up against their oppressors.

Dese tropes was looted from dose filthy Morkers

  • Attack Reflector: One of the pieces of ancient artefact armour tek that human Diggas can unearth is a rare deflekta shield that can reflect attacks targeted at the user. Close combat attacks that attempt to strike the user of a deflekta shield have a chance of hitting the attacker instead, while enemy fire can rebound in a random distance and in a random direction, hitting the first model in their path.
  • Badass Biker: Bikes are one of the available vehicles.
  • Badass Driver: Since a player must have enough vehicles to transport all their Boyz, all Mobs will have at least one competent driver on their roster. After a few games, however, these drivers can gain a number of 'Driver' skills to turn them into true badass drivers, capable of performing special manoeuvres such as skid turns, shadowing enemy vehicles, retaining limited control when their vehicle spins, or making emergency stops to avoid crashing into scenery.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: The most primitive kustom arm replacements that a Doc can fit to a wounded fighter to simply attach heavy hooks (that reduce the warrior's close combat abilities due to the weight) or simple knives to the Ork's forearm. While this means that the warrior is never without a weapon, the weapons themselves aren't particularly powerful.
  • Blinded by the Light: The strobor, a piece of equipment unique to Mutie gangs, unleashes a flickering pulse of light into the eyes of the target, blinding them for a random number of turns, which is represented by forcing them to suffer the effects of the Stupidity rulenote .
  • Blown Across the Room: As with most other shotgun-style weapons in games based on the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 rule, kannons can knock back anyone they hit. This rule is particularly useful in Gorkamorka as it enables a fighter to blast their enemies off a moving vehicle.
  • The Bus Came Back: The planet's insane inhabitants make a notable appearance in The Infinite and the Divine novel where it's shown that Trazyn the Infinite has built an elaborate recreation of the eternal chaos that is Angelis on Solemance. He even appears to have stolen Gorkamorka itself to serve as the centerpiece for the display.
  • Caltrops: The Mad Meks 2 White Dwarf article introduces the Spike Droppa that can scatter spiked balls behind a vehicle to puncture the tires of enemy vehicles and inconvenience warriors on foot.
  • Chainsaw Good: The glaives wielded by Mutie raiders are swords and axes fitted with sharp-toothed chains that can cause a tremendous amount of damage to an opponent as it tears apart their flesh, giving the weapon a greater chance of taking the an enemy out of action during a game.
  • Chain Pain: Fitting with the post-apocalyptic street gang aesthetic of Ork mobs, chains are one of the more basic hand-to-hand weapons available in the game. Although they boost the Strength characteristic of the wielder, and cannot be blocked by shields, they are difficult to use, doubling the penalty for a fumblenote .
  • The Chase: Da Chase is a scenario designed to replicate a typical chase scene on the tabletop with all the terrain moving across the battlefield at a set rate, with only vehicles able to stay stationary. Any infantry model that sets foot on the ground, or any vehicle that is damaged/disabled or turns to be more than 45 degrees from the direction of movement, risks being left behind.
  • Crossover: The fan-driven Gorkamorka Gubbinz magazine included the 'Gorka-Munda' article, a set of addition rules to allow modified Necromunda gangs to fight against Gorkamorka mobs, representing unscrupulous Necromundan Guilders shipping hired gangs to the planet of Gorkamorka in an attempt to make a profit scavenging the scrap that covers the planet.
  • Desert Punk: Often described as Mad Max with Orks, the game revolves around bands of Orks roving the deserts of the desolate world Angelis, fighting each other in ramshackle vehicles while searching for scrap.
  • Double Weapon: The demilune is a two-handed power weapon unique to the Mutie raiders who inhabit the most desolate regions that surround the Skid. A demilune consists of central haft with a deadly powered blade at each end, allowing a skilled wielder to fight off multiple opponents with easy sweeping attacks.
  • Elite Mooks: Muties are comparatively elite compared to Orks, but also cost a lot.
  • Energy Weapon: The Muties are unique in the setting as they do not use solid shot weaponry, relying instead on little understood energy weapons salvaged from Etervigila. These weapons range from the Arbalast and Caliver lasers to the powerful Fusil and Jezail plasma weapons.
  • Epic Flail: The wrecker ball is an item of Gubbins that mobs can purchase for their vehicles. Consisting of a huge iron ball attached to a crane jib, a wrecker ball can use to cause massive damage to the enemy during a ram or sideswipe, and to knock opposition crew from their vehicles.
  • Excuse Plot: Most of the backstory exists to facilitate the players' mobs beating each other senseless and taking each other's stuff.
  • Fanboy: Diggaboyz are humans who aspire to be like the Orks, sometimes to the extent of painting their faces green.
  • Grand Finale: The Necron Raid scenario from the Gorkamorka Gubbinz magazine pits a powerful mob of Orks (one with a mob rating of more than 400), which the player wishes to retire, against a raiding force of Necrons. Due to the weapons and abilities available to the Necrons, it is extremely unlikely that many members of even a powerful mob to survive and the scenario is intended as a last hurrah for the Orks at the end of a campaign.
  • Grenade Launcher: One of the random Archeotek Guns that Diggas can find is the bomb-lobba. Firing either frag or krak ammo, the bomb lobba is somewhat inaccurate but can unleash a random number of grenades at the target area.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Models with the 'Chuck' Muscle Skill are able to throw a defeated opponent in a direction of the player's choice, including at another enemy model with both the thrown enemy and the target taking damage.
  • Harpoon Gun: There are two types of harpoon gun that can be mounted on vehicles, the rapid fire spear gun (consisting of racks of steam powered tubes stuffed with spears) and the powerful but short ranged harpoon gun. These weapons are cheaper and easier to maintain than more complex weapons and are therefore popular with inexperienced and down on their luck mobs.
  • Hero Unit: Each mob is led by a model who represents yourself, the player (a Nob for Ork mobs, a Digganob for Diggamobs, a Head Honcho for the Rebel Grots, a Seeker for the Muties). A single such unit must be included in every mob—no more, no less.
  • Horse of a Different Color: Mutie raiders universally ride strange creatures known simply as Mutie Beasts. These heavily mutated creatures are typically the size of a horse, but with a more reptilian appearance and clawed hooves, giving the mutie a faster Movement characteristic but preventing them from boarding vehicles.
  • Legacy Character: The "Red Gobbo" is whoever's leading the Rebel Grots at any given time, leading to his statistics varying wildly between games.
  • Living Weapon: One of the ammunition types that rebel grots employ for their Splattapults is the Rippa Pot. Consisting of a sealed clay jar that has been stuffed full of venomous insects and squigs, the Rippa Pot is launched at the enemy, where it shatters to release a swarm of very angry creatures over anything in the vicinity.
  • Mad Doctor: Doks are as nutty as in every other Ork-focused setting element.
  • Magikarp Power: Initially, Yoofs might not be very experienced members of the mob, but they grow in experience quickly.
  • Man in the Machine: Or "Ork in da' Kan" if you prefer. The "'Unt da' Dread" scenario has a mekboy recovering and reactivating a Deff Dread, only for it to go on an uncontrolled rampage and the warband has to work together to bring it down so they can stop it and strip it for scrap.
  • Meatgrinder Surgery: The Dok's workshop gets six pages of rules and tables to determine whether he fits something useful to an injured body part, fits something useless, or forgets what he was doing entirely and cuts off a different limb.
  • Molotov Truck: "Kamikazee Karts", from the Gorkamorka Gubbins rules expansion, are vehicles outfitted with explosive rams. Designed to work in conjunction with turbo rokkit thrusters, the explosive ram of a Kamikazee Kart boosts the damage done to enemy vehicles during a ram, but does an equal amount of damage to the ramming vehicle.
  • New Meat: Yoofs are Orks who only recently crawled out of Angelis soil. Their green skin is pale, their muscles still lanky, and they have yet to "find themselves" in Ork society.
  • One-Wheeled Wonder: One of the Kustom Leg Replacements that an Ork can randomly acquire from a visit to the Doc's Serjery is the Gyro-Stabilised Monowheel. This crude prosthetic consists of a single wheel attached to an engine that replaces the Ork's legs. A model with a Monowheel increases their Movement stat but is unable to move through difficult terrain, board vehicles or climb walls.
  • Prospector: The special character Nazgrub Wurrzag is a Scrap Prospector who wears a big floppy hat and carries a pickaxe shaped choppa. He spends his time searching for that one big score that will lead to unimaginable wealth and has the special rule Scrap Fever that makes him Hate any model he sees carrying a Scrap counter.
  • Random Number God: Even more important than 40k.
    • In battle you need to roll to see if guns run out of ammo or explode, or if drivers can pull off particularly difficult turns, or what happens to anyone who gets reduced to 0 wounds.
    • The final fate of any incapacitated boyz also depends on a roll after the battle.
    • When an experience level is gained, stat/skill increases are randomly determined — and even though you can choose the "flavour" of a skill increase, what exactly that entails requires another roll.
    • Upgrades which are usually a simple purchase in 40k cost variable amounts, might make the upgradee unavailable for the next battle, or backfire altogether. Most notably, to get a Power Claw or Bionik Bonce requires you to roll a six on the successful surgery table — roll a 1 and you'll get a nearly-useless hook hand instead, or have your brain replaced with that of a squig.
  • Rollerblade Good: The unofficial BladerZ mob from the Gubbinz magazine consisted of a number of Boyz and a Nob wearing BladeZ BootZ that give them bonus movement and the ability to hang onto the back of a vehicle at the cost of being unable to climb ladders or mount vehicles.
  • Ryu and Ken: Gorkers and Morkers have minor differences in what skills their warriors have, but otherwise are extremely similar.
  • Scavenger World: Everything is based on a) looted bits of the hulk, b) looted bits of the Imperial ships, c) stuff pulled out of the ruins, or d) looted bits of other people's stuff, which started out as a), b), or c).
  • Serrated Blade of Pain: The special character Bad Doc Dreggutz is armed with a bone saw, a wickedly sharp serrated blade that Dreggutz uses for both surgery and to mutilate his opponents in combat. The wounds inflicted by this bone saw are usually incredibly serious, something represented in-game by any fighter who is taken out by it having to roll twice on the Serious Injury Table after a battle and taking the worst result.
  • Silly Reason for War: Granted, Orks would beat each other senseless at the slightest excuse anyway, but nearly destroying their only way off Angelis while fighting over which of two extremely similar deities it looks like has to take the cake.
  • Spiked Wheels: The Mad Meks article from White Dwarf magazine introduces rules for Wheel Slashas, scythe like blades fitted to a buggy or trukk that do extra damage to enemy vehicles during a rake or sideswipe attack.
  • Sprint Shoes: One of the many bionik enhancements fitted to Da Krusher is the Fuel Injection Implant. When activated, this device dumps more fuel into Da Krusher's engine, boosting his speed and reaction time.
  • Vehicular Combat: The beating heart of the game. The engine even lets your Orks do things like climbing onto someone else's Trukk and physically throwing the driver out.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: The special character known only as Da Krusha suffered from an accident at some point in the past that left him on the verge of death. For unknown reasons the Mekboyz of Mektown felt obliged to rebuild him with the most advanced bionics replacements available and continue to maintain and upgrade him generations later.
  • We Have Reserves: Grot Rebels are extremely weak compared to Orks, but come in much larger groups.