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    Issue #1 - What If 
  • Izuku discovers his powers in rapid succession, effortlessly dodging Bakugou's explosion, crushing his desk completely by accident, and leaping huge distances without even trying.

    Issue #2 - Along Came a Spider-Man 
  • Peter stops a careening car and apprehends both of the would-be bank robbers with ease, showing just how much 32 years of heroing experience can do. Even while ambushed by Mysterio and suffering from ethyl chloride exposure, he still turns the tide and manages to win their fight.
  • Prowler ambushes Peter and instantly nails him in the heel with a flechette despite his Spider-Sense, showing how dead-serious and dangerous she is.

    Issue #3 - If This Be My Destiny 
  • Nothing Peter throws at Prowler stops her. Knocking her through a wall stalls her for a few seconds. Taking the fight outside just makes her ride her motorcycle along walls and tear up traffic to get to him. She's pragmatic, deadly, and undoubtedly intimidating. All the while, she intentionally makes things more dangerous for herself with her death-defying stunts.
  • Despite his own fears, Izuku rushes to help Peter and does more to get him to safety than several Pro Heroes, buying time for Peter to get his Heroic Second Wind and reenter the fight.
  • All Might makes his Big Damn Heroes moment in grand fashion. His booming voice echoes through the packed and worried streets, instantly bringing hope to Heroes and civilians alike as he swoops in and effortlessly steals Prowler's detonator and throws it into another prefecture.
  • Mysterio's entrance is nothing short of spectacular. He appears from the fog with a amazingly hammy speech, blasting All Might with explosives and unleashing robotic duplicates of Peter's greatest foes. His robot avatar proceeds to effortlessly manhandle (an injured) Peter and all of Musutafu is thoroughly in awe at Mysterio's resources and apparent power.
    Mysterio: I am tired of this. Tired of this narrative, tired of Heroes beating Villains through brawn alone and basking in the praise of the sheep-like masses. [smoke gathers into a tall, lean figure] It is time for a new Villain to rise! A Villain who is the master of the mind and the senses! The perfect foil to the likes of your so-called 'Symbol of Peace'! [smoke compresses, tightens and shoots out to reveal him] Behold, All Might! Heroes of Japan! BEHOLD MYSTERIO! THE MASTER OF ILLUSION!
  • Despite Mysterio's display, Peter and All Might manage to rip through the robots with ease. Peter methodically takes down the robots with one perfectly timed blow after another, weaving through the attacks without issue. All Might tears through them like papier-mache while wearing a huge grin on his face the entire time.

    Issue #4 - Deku’s Homecoming 
  • Izuku accidentally shoves Bakugou all the way down a hallway. While this wouldn't be that impressive alone, this one moment shatters Bakugou's illusion of invincibility, causing his social circle to fall apart around him in a bit of Laser-Guided Karma. To add insult to injury, Peter faceplants Bakugou with a web while chasing Izuku down.

    Issue #5 - Learning Curve 
  • Izuku lifts a grand total of ten tons of stoves, refrigerators, and roller coaster cars, showing just how powerful he is now. Even his One For All-wielding counterpart struggles to lift a steel beam. He might not be the world's strongest hero, but he's damn impressive in his own right.
  • Izuku's first web-swinging session begins with his abject terror at leaping off a tall building with only his webs to save him. Once he lets go of his fear with Peter's encouragement, he manages his first clumsy web-swing before quickly getting the hang of it, soaring into the summer sky and having the time of his life.

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