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Daisy's Adventures is an on-going Mario fanfiction series written by Lucent Shadow

The series begins with Daisy and Bowser being summoned by Rosalina after the former experiences several nightmares. It turns out that there is a new threat that is looming over the Mushroom World, and now it's up to them to stop the new threat. Along the way, they will encounter many characters that are capable of controlling various elements and form the Moirai.


The First Installment, Elemental Odyssey (which is now completed) can be read here.

The next Installment, Return to Sarasaland can be found here.

Tropes associated with this series.

  • Anti-Hero: Bowser, while he is not evil tends to be more of a JerkAss.
  • Big Bad: Elkon for Elemental Odyssey, King Sarasa for Return to Sarasaland.
  • Big Good: Rosalina fills this role, being the oracle for the team.
  • Character Focus: The series is revolved around Daisy, exploring her character.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Bowser's backstory has it where his parents were once rulers of the peaceful Koopa Clan. Unfortunately they were brutally killed by Mushroom Kingdom's Forces and the clan decimated. His kidnappings attempts on Princess Peach was for extracting information that that infamous day. Daisy also had it rough too with her parents treating her nothing more than an object and willing to sell her out as a power source to Tatanga.
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  • Determinator: Daisy's defining trait.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Daisy is an earth-wielder that can control ground elements. She can even use her Crystal Punch.
  • Mayor Pain: Waluigi of all people is a Mayor in an American City.
  • The Mentor: Terran, Daisy's mentor that appears in her flashbacks when she was a child. He appears again posthumously during Daisy's encounter with the Soul Snatcher.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: Elkon, the Big Bad of Elemental Odyssey.
  • Playing with Fire: Bowser, being the fire-wielder.
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor: Grekka, An Ice Person that briefly joined the team midway in Elemental Odyssey. He redeemed himself before dying.

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