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Dairantou Saint Zearth is what happens when a twentysomething-year-old loser and a someteen-year-old ditz decide to use the latter's crazy origin story for the world of Smash Bros. as well as this fruity little club of a website to somehow convert Bokurano into a Nintendo themed Super Sentai series.

Two boys by the name of Marco and Cress Tenda manage to uncover twelve stuffed dolls in the attic that their great-great-uncle had brought in from the Amazon, but are dragged to a weekend school camping trip for Labor Day organized by a manic pixie-like schoolgirl of all people. There, the two find themselves among a large swarm of folks ranging from pre-school to high-school in the age department. figured this girl could get this off the ground with next to no effort whatsoever. Naturally, they had to be acompanied by at least two college students for the trip to be a thing.


Long story short, they find a box which dispenses curious apparatus before heading into a cave where they meet a guy who asks them to play this game about a giant mecha that turns out to be real and now they have to fend off fifteen mechanical monstrosities in all. And then it turns out that a certain ex-god with a history with a certain survival game has set up a deal with the masterminds at the Multi-Dimensional Diversity System to rent out twelve of their Starcruncher mecha for use in another survival test which sees the ones who survive to the end of the initial trials of each of the twelve teams. the god in question, Deus ex Machina, selects twelve different sets of champions for his army against the incoming Spiral Nemesis, each set hailing from another universe and each set recieving a giant robot with four out of twelve recieving masks containing a fragment of the powers of Deus and three of his collegues and four carrying the burden of engaging in the intended game they were contracted for because the program still needs some universe-wrecking mechs to be snuffed out.


And naturally, given some of the main canon's source material, the twelve mechs Deus had rented are fueled by the pilots' midichlorians, killing the poor sucker piloting the mechs in question for that specific round right there on the spot. And if that wasn't enough, there's even a few people from other universes monitoring and testing the poor kids in secret! Hijinx and Hilarity to Follow!

You can find the fanfic here!

The elder author even made up a Spacebattles page for it here!

     Our Heroes 

The Kyuseigers

From Bokurano

  • Takashi Waku/Zearth Red:
  • Masaru Kodaka "Kodama"/Zearth Indigo:
  • Daichi Yamura/Zearth Brown:
  • Mako Nakarai "Nakama":
  • Isao Kako/Zearth Green:
  • Chizuru Honda "Chizu"/Zearth Violet:
  • Moji Kunihiko/Zearth Blue:
  • Maki Ano/Zearth Turquoise:
  • Yosuke Kirie/Zearth Gray:
  • Takami Komoda "Komo"/Zearth Teal:
  • Aiko Tokosumi "Anko":
  • Kanji Yoshikawa/Zearth Black:
  • Kana Ushiro:
  • Yoko Machi:
  • Jun Ushiro:
  • Kozue Kurasawa:
  • Maria Ichinose:
  • Mayako Makishima:

The Smashers

From Heirlooms

  • Marco Tenda
  • Cress Tenda
  • Freya Tenda
  • Caitlyn Tenda
  • Harold Tenda
  • Nicole Tenda
  • Monica Tenda
  • Hikoi Tenda
  • Maurice Jinaka "Sage"
  • Koraline Imanok
  • And a Capcom and a Namco stand-in Reevee21 has not designed yet!

From Kingdom Hearts

  • Sora Rockbell
  • Riku Raiobiki
  • Kairi Hakumei
  • Namine Hakumei
  • Lea Yamauchi
  • Roxas Rockbell
  • Xion Botkins
  • Ventus Frederickson
  • Madoka Quentira 'Aqua' Waku
  • Terra Capulet

From El Goonish Shive

  • Elliot Dunkel
  • Tedd Verres
  • Sarah Brown
  • Grace Sciruidae
  • Nanase Kitsune
  • Susan Pompoms
  • Ellen Dunkel


The Organizers

  • Deus Ex Machina: A former God who has recently surrendered his powers to a victor in three separate universes, the elder two of which eventually eroded away godless and forgotten.
    • Murmur: His assistant who now currently serves the trinity of gods crowned by Deus' prior survival games.
    • Yuno Gaasai: The maiden from the first world who won its corresponding survival game.
    • Yukiteru Amano: The victor of the survival game fans remember from the original series.
    • John Bacchus: The man who proposed the Survival Game in all three continuities of his home series and ultimately the only one in the Third World willing to ascend to godhood after calling off the one in the third of said continuities.
    • Tyrannux: A deity mask bestowed upon one Terry Bartholomew Jones by Deus Ex Machina after agreeing to sign a specific contract from a Genie.
  • Miru Nex Atomisa: A Maternal deity who had been robbed of her face due to a prior engagement.
  • Ende Demise: Deus' brother created by the Eternal Emperor
    • The Anti Spiral: A Xenophobic hive-mind created by Ende Demise to prevent any excessive evolution.
    • Unicron: A deity mask bestowed upon a forsaken child embedded with his powers over the balance of creation and destruction.


  • Lunar Empress: The Current Leader of SHOCKER and its army of Monsters from the realm of Toei's Super Heroes. Under her Regime, She had become a name feared by Riders and Rangers alike through the modification of various super heroes into Obediant Cyborgs ala the numbered Kamen Riders[[note: Ichigo, Nigo, Sango, Yongo]] resulting in an army of not just Shocker Riders, but Shocker Sentai and, Get this... Shocker Cure! Needless to say, she is viewed by Deus and the Anti-Spirals as a legitimate Threat.
  • Shadowborg: Revived by the Lunar Empress
  • Luffwax: A Greeed cloned from a scientist
  • Shocker Rider DuplOOO: An army of 'Shocker Riders' created when she dispensed Shocker Rider Decade to activate Kamen Rider OOO's Final Form Ride to dispense Combo Medals which she uses to revive the corresponding Greeed to serve as her generals
    • Ankh: The Bird Greeed and a dishonest wildcard who once served under Kamen Rider OOO during his initial year of adventures. Now that he's been revived for a life of servace as Shocker Rider DuplOOO TaJaDor he appears to be loyal to the Lunar Empress for now.
    • Kazari: The Feline Greeed and a cunning schemer. This trait would be something to prove himself to be useful to the Lunar Empress upon being revived for duty as Shocker Rider DuplOOO RaToraTah.
    • Uva: The Insect Greeed and a hot-headed warrior, he's proven to be more patient and resourceful than he lets on upon being revived to become Shocker Rider DuplOOO GataKiriBa.
    • Gamel: The Large Animal Greeed and a simple-minded brute. Always willing to cover Mezool as Shocker Rider DuplOOO SaGoSou, Gamel is a loyal follower to the cause of Shocker
    • Mezool: The Aquatic Greeed and a mother-figure to her kin. Given a second chance to forfill her hidden desire as Shocker Rider DuplOOO ShaUTa, Mezool does what she can for the sake of her saviors.
    • Doctor Kiyoto Maki: Once one of the Kougami Foundation's brightest scientists, now serving under the Shocker organization as Shocker Rider DuplOOO PuToTyra after being revived due to his soul being stored in the Dinosaur Core Medals via the Dinosaur Greeed


Recurring Super Sentai tropes:

Tropes unique to this series

  • Acceptable Targets - Its sister project, Fandom Arson, wails on Viacom on a regular basis, so it's only natural that the ocassional jab at the company would pop up here and there.
  • Adaptation Expansion - The families of the Pilots receive more screen time in this story, to the point where the story names plenty of the family members
  • Adults Are Useless - Averted as with both versions of the source material
  • A God I Am Not - Deus is retired, having calmly passed his role over to three individuals, two of which are because their intended worlds have fell too far into ruin. However, that doesn't mean he still can't pull some strings from time to time.
  • Alternate Universe - Mainly with the corporations that exist and dont exist in the world, some are replaced with a corresponding Suspiciously Similar Substitute from whatever series the author, some have their history somewhat re-arranged and had their futures bettered or bleakened to the point where some films appeared earlier as is the case for the upcoming Power Rangers Movie. But in terms of poor Nintendo, there's no trace of them to be seen, having relegated to the references in the family life of the Tenda Family.
  • Anyone Can Die - If Episode Three has ultimately proven with Miss Kamijiha
    • And to prove it wasn't a fluke, Tomoki would pilot the mech and die four episodes later.
  • Beach Episode - The series starts with one.
  • Bilingual Bonus - The first word in the title is a shout out to Super Smash Bros.note