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In the year 2064, a young boy named Terry Jones was made aware that he was a monstrous beast known as Tyrranux, forced to leave his family and friends behind, made friends with two robot girls, and was chased all over the world by other cyborgs, including some his friends used to be allied with.

And so is the world of Destiny Factor brought to our attention. The author of this story, known as Tyrranux on Deviant ART. He has currently finished the first story "Destiny Factor" and hopes to start the sequel "God Eater" which promises to construct a large, expansive canon, with characters both original and parallels of other characters from other franchises. It should be noted that most of the chapters are absurdly long, and that people seem to pay more attention to the artwork that comes with it... much to Tyrannux's dismay.


Tropes featured include:

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     Destiny Factor 

  • Alternate Universe: taking place in an 2064 AD Earth where metahumans not only exist but are very much common.
  • The Big Guy: Tessai Ryouzaki, a man who literally grows stronger when he is dealt damage and injury.
    • The Mentor: mostly teaches the hero Terry how to (competently) fight and even instills one of his own signature martial arts techniques to his pupil at one point.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Virus ends up getting killed in her final battle against Terry's fully transformed alter ego Tyrranux.
  • Byronic Hero: Main protagonist Terry Jones, starts out as a human but then after he "dies" by gunshot he comes back to life as a reborn titan who now possesses powers beyond even his own full control. It has more than rained on his parade, it has outright flooded it.
    • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: He is very draconic while transformed.
    • Next Tier Power-Up: as time goes along not only does Terry's beastly Tyrranux form go through changes such as obtaining a new armored state it also gains new abilities such as the ability to turn his arms into biomass blades but also the ability to slow down time for a few brief seconds at a time.
    • Person of Mass Destruction: Tyrranux, Terry's alter ego and super mode form, often refered to as the "Beast Within" and is pretty much the axis of which this whole story turns.
  • Fun with Acronyms: In the case of the government organization WASP, Worldwide Anti Superion Police. It's simple enough but then there's the main villains, ALICE, the group's name is actually a convoluted abbreviation of the following phrases in this exact order: “Alliance hidden in the darkness", “Lords of all that is war”, "Immortal reign over mortal men”, “Creators of the necessary evil” and “Eternal control of the world's destiny.” Rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?
  • Healing Factor: Not only is main hero Terry capable of this because of his reptilian body but other characters in one way or another possess some form of regeneration, sometimes instant sometimes slow.
  • Government Agency of Fiction: WASP, an international military police put together by the United Nations for the sole purpose of combating metahumans that have gone rogue (or as they call it "Maverick").
    • Animal Motif: Their entire arsenal, including their Power Armors and vehicles, all contain several insect motifs to better fit the agency's very name.
  • Shout-Out: this series has an annoying habit of shoving in as many references to Lewis Caroll's work, namely "the Hunting of the Snark" and of course "Alice in Wonderland". In fact at one point all the chapters were in fact references to Alice in Wonderland that didn't always make sense, the titles were latter changed to be better appropriate.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Quite a bit of it going around in the first story. As it turns out Virus used to be the defacto leader of the villain group "ALICE" until it was revealed top her that their creators were greenlighting the very time travel endeavor that would allow them to capture Tyrranux in the past, this endeavor would of course possibly destroy all of time. Horrified that such a dangerous endeavor was even permitted she decided to turn against her masters and brethren to prevent time from being destroyed.
    • Then there's Sammy 64, a seemingly innocent girl who joins our heroes on their quest but is actually a mole sent to lead terry into a trap. But of course she becomes best friends with him leading to her switching sides again after a few incidents and an ultimate falling out with her original partner.
    • Even Terry himself is guilty of this though it only really applies to him when his inner beast Tyrranx takes over completely at which point he stops being the main protagonist and shifts to main antagonist, outright becoming the True Final Boss in the story's epiloge.
  • Standard Evil Organization Squad: the rather stupidly named "ALICE". They are the central antagonists of the story.
    • Artificial Human: this group's starting roster are all androids built to be a literal compatible sister race to humans.
    • Big Bad / The Dragon: Gonzo Faust, the new defacto leader of the group after Virus deserts the group, formerly her very second in command. He is ultimately the most powerful of the lot and is the most cunning and malicious.
    • Black Cloak: Said cloaks in particular make them look like blatant ripoffs of Organization XIII, moreso if they didn't have distinctive body types that often defy normal human proportions.
    • Bullying a Dragon: One of their methods of containing Tyrranux is getting his human side Terry to lose his cool hoping to show him that he cannot possibly hope to control his power no matter how much he tries, in theory this tactic will show Terry that only under their control will the beast Tyrranux finally be contained for good.
    • Kill All Humans: Inverted, they claim they are in fact trying to save humanity through a "True Rapture", the details are scarse as to what this entails but the primary factor is to gain control of the titan Tyrranux to basically scare humanity into going along with this True Rapture.
    • Theme Table: not only do they have their own themed powers and abilities they also have their own title, each title being the name of a character from Alice in Wonderland. Gonzo Faust' title is the Cheshire Cat. When Virus was still the leader of the group she was known as the Queen of Hearts.
    • Our Zombies Are Different: The Stillborns, a breed of Heartless-like androids that the group uses as their disposable mooks to either kill as many annoying WASP soldiers and bystanders as they can or simply to wear the heroes down.
  • Supporting Leader: Virus, the main female protagonist. Immediately establishes herself as Terry Jones' closest ally and becomes like a serrogate parent to him.
    • Hermaphrodite: actually has both female and male genitalia, the reasons are only really alluded to in outside material wherease she muses how her creators "just wanted to make a long enough bridge between Venus and Mars".
    • Save This Person, Save the World: Virus's entire modevation for protecting Terry Jones from ALICE, if he is captured they will remove him from his own timeline possibly destroying all of time in the process.
  • Time Travel: primary female lead Virus and primary antagonists ALICE, both originate from the future.

     God Eater 

  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: This is where we finally start seeing all those guest characters he promised to crossover into his story.
    • Alternate Universe: however because these guest characters are suppose to fit smoothly in the same universe and continuity this story takes place said guest characters are altered from their original designs visdually, mentally and especially regarding their origins and how their powers fit in this universe's context. The changes made are sometimes minimal, other times they are quite massive changes.

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