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Web Animation / Quirky Misadventures Of Soldine The Cyborg

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Comedy/action YouTube series of Garry's Mod videos, created by SarisKhan. The titular character, Soldine, a RED cybernetic Soldier from Team Fortress 2, fights with various hostile TF2 Monsters. The series consists of early humorous shorts with barely any continuity and longer mini-movies with a defined storyline.

Original run 28 April 2011 - 13 July 2015. The series may be watched here.

This series provides examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Frost Fight
    • Arctic Assault
  • Anachronism Stew - Team Fortress 2's 1960s themes are mixed with modern and futuristic technology.
  • An Ice Person
    • Cryo, Dr. Schadenfreude's henchman.
    • Medizard, Soldine's new ally in the last few episodes.
  • Animation Bump - animation quality throughout the first two thirds of Endgame is adequate. Once the final battle begins, however, the smoothness increases noticeably, particularly during the Soldine vs. Destroyer duel.
  • Anti-Hero - Soldine's probably either Type III or IV. He's rather... relentless as far as malevolent monsters are concerned. The way he deals with them depends on the magnitude of their deeds, however. A dangerous, but misguided madman? Beat up and sent to prison. A quirky, but sometimes threatening tradesman? Beat up and set to prison. A malignant mass murderer? Eliminated.
  • Arm Cannon
    • Soldine has a Black Box rocket launcher in the right hand and a huge gatling gun in the left hand.
    • Robosol's got twin submachine guns.
  • Art Evolution - overall audiovisual quality has drastically improved since the beginning of the series. Compare the first episode of the series with its remake, or a recent (as of mid-2015) instalment.
  • Ax-Crazy - the aptly named Madic.
  • Badass Baritone - the voice of upgraded Soldine is deep and resonating.
  • Balls of Steel - Many opponents who attempt to Groin Attack Soldine learn the hard way.
  • Big Bad - the BLU Vagineer, the mastermind responsible for many of the threats Soldine has faced.
  • Blood Knight - Soldine genuinely enjoys combat, and Handsome Rogue delights in mayhem and chaos.
  • The Cameo - several Garry's Mod characters created by other video makers appear from time to time in the series:
    • Spyper shots Handsome Rogue in the head in Soldine vs. Handsome Rogue, and has a very brief cameo in A Bizarre Morning.
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    • Seeman appears in several videos, including very early That Heavy Is a Painis or the main role in C.
    • Soldine has an encounter with Schniper in Schnoldine.
    • The MeeM have an offscreen battle with Soldine in Soldine vs. Robosol.
    • Dic Soupcan is one of the inmates of Evo City Correctional Facility in Enemies Of Old.
  • Car Fu - In Necropolis ZomHeavy greets Soldine with a bus wreckage to the face.
  • Characterisation Marches On - Soldine has developed from a quirky and somewhat random prototype into a badass super soldier. Some of his awkward traits remained, though.
  • Cerebus Syndrome - the series has initially focused on the wacky humor, now the action part is more emphasised.
  • Colour Coded Time Stop - black and white in Soldine vs. Handsome Rogue, inverted colors in Operation: Vagineer.
  • Combat Pragmatist
    • Orangeman can't afford to be straighforward in combat with the superpowered Monsters. As such, he employs clever tactics to even the odds. For instance, he did not hesitate to blindside ZomSpy.
    • Razor displays this attitude in Endgame. Because Madic, Orangeman and Major Scout Guy are able to stall the Destroyer for a little too long, Razor decides to unceremoniously intervene in the battle and backstabs Madic as the latter is distracted. He then immediately goes on to finish off MSG, who has been knocked out, and doesn't succeed only because Major regains consciousness in the nick of time to dodge the thrust.
  • Cyborg
    • Soldine, the titular protagonist.
    • The RED Engineer has a Gunslinger prosthesis.
    • Robosol, the BLU Vagineer's enforcer.
    • Energineer, a vigilante who was maimed by Cryo in the past.
  • Darker and Edgier - recent episodes compared to the old ones.
  • The Determinator - once Soldine acquires a target, he won't stop until one of them is dealt with. His motto actually is: "No retreat. No surrender".
  • Dishing Out Dirt - Golem, one of Dr. Schadenfreude's henchmen, is capable of travelling through earth, generating large stones and hardening his body to become like a solid rock.
  • The Dragon - Robosol, the Evil Knockoff of Soldine, to the BLU Vagineer.
  • Early Instalment Weirdness - early instalments of the series were significantly more random and humor-oriented. Some of the humor remains in the recent episodes, though less prominent and more subtle.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger - Ghost, a mercenary with the ability to become intangible, joins the established cast in the final episode.
  • Elite Zombie - Team ZOM members.
  • Evil Knockoff - Robosol to Soldine.
  • Expy - Handsome Rogue is an expy of Dio Brando.
  • Extra-ore-dinary - Razor, one of Dr. Schadenfreude's henchmen, is capable of generating various melee weapons and small firearms from metal. He can also temporarily cover his body in a layer of reinforced steel.
  • Facial Horror - Vagineer's distorted face.
  • Final Boss Preview - Soldine's first fight against the BLU Vagineer. It doesn't end well for him.
  • Finishing Move
    • Soldine's Thunder Punch discharges great amount of electricity and sends his opponent flying.
    • Handsome Rogue can summon a modern train engine to crush his opponent.
  • Five Rounds Rapid - frequently invoked by HECU. Sometimes it works, though.
  • Flashback
    • Madic has (a lenghty) one which depicts his origin after his fight with Soldine.
    • In Operation: Vagineer, the titular Big Bad has one that depicts the origin of both him and Team ZOM from Necropolis. Later, just before the final battle, Soldine quickly recollects the history of his confrontations with the BLU Vagineer.
  • Flechette Storm - Handsome Rogue can summon a varying number of knives and throw them all at once with Improbable Aiming Skills.
  • Fragile Speedster: Energineer is extremely agile but not particularly tough.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare - revealed in the backstory of the BLU Vagineer.
  • Gatling Good - Soldine has an arm-mounted gatling gun.
  • Glass Cannon - Orangeman is armed with quite powerful explosives, but has only a bulletproof vest and the Shield power to protect him.
  • Grand Finale - the final episode of the series was designed as such.
  • Gory Discretion Shot - a variation of this was used to obscure Soldine's Thunder Punch in Soldine vs. Handsome Rogue, because it wasn't supposed to be seen at that time.
  • Having a Blast - Destroyer's main ability is to cause things to explode.
  • Healing Factor
    • Vagineer's healing factor allows him to regrow lost limbs and quickly recover from severe wounds.
    • Handsome Rogue's healing factor is blood-fueled.
    • Madic possesses limited regenerative powers.
    • Destroyer has a very powerful healing ability which allows him to immediately recover from any minor wounds, and within a span of seconds heal grave injuries, regrow lost limbs or regenerate broken bones.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Madic, one of Soldine's foes, joins the good guys in Operation: Vagineer.
  • Hero Killer - Destroyer kills Mauve Shirt Major Lewis and The Lancer Orangeman in Engdame.
  • Humanoid Abomination - the BLU Vagineer.
  • Immune to Bullets - Soldine and Robosol are immune to small arms fire.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats - Handsome Rogue is nimble, durable and strong. However, none of these traits stands out particularly in comparison to other Monsters and he notably lacks really powerful moves (bar his Finishing Move).
  • Killed Off for Real
    • Except for Handsome Rogue, who has been revived since his death in Soldine vs. Handsome Rogue, other deceased characters stay that way, which is quite atypical when compared to other videos and series of this kind.
    • In Endgame, Cryo is revealed to have been killed in Arctic Assault (the last time we saw him his airtank was detonated). Later on Dr. Schadenfreude is killed by Energineer whilst at the same time Destroyer detonates Orangeman. Powered by Tranquil Fury, Soldine battles the superior Destroyer and manages to pierce him with the Thunder Punch, killing him as well. All deaths are final.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em - Handsome Rogue learnt his lesson after fighting Soldine to the bitter end and (temporarily) dying as a result. During his post-resurrection battles with the Mastermind Vagineer and Ninjineer he surrendered and retreated respectively the moment things started to go downhill. He had become confident again by the time of his encounter with Destroyer in Endgame, although he did deploy his most powerful combo to fight him almost right off the bat.
  • Let's Mock the Monsters - Soldine frequently indulges into it.
  • Lightning Bruiser
    • Madic is one, but it lasts only as long as his Unstoppable Rage.
    • Vagineer plays it straight.
    • Destroyer was genetically engineered to be this.
  • Long-Range Fighter
    • Orangeman is Type 1; he uses custom grenade launcher and sticky bomb launcher. He is too squishy to engage monsters in melee combat.
    • Both Soldine and Robosol are Type 3.
  • Ludicrous Gibs - Handsome Rogue exploded into this after he'd been struck with Soldine's Thunder Punch.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout - Shriek, one of Dr. Schadenfreude's henchmen, can generate fairly potent soundwaves from his hands or minor shockwaves with a clap.
  • Mauve Shirt
    • Major Lewis, the left-handed HECU officer who has shown up in several instalments of the series. He's even got several lines per episode and survived a few engagements.
    • Ghost is a distinct TF2 Freak with unique powers who plays a notable role in the finale, but from the vantage point of the entire series he has modest screentime and impact on the plot.
  • Mighty Glacier - Soldine is extremely strong and durable, but he lacks in speed and agility.
  • Monster of the Week - the first three mini-movies follow this format with Vagineer, Handsome Rogue and Madic serving as unrelated, one-shot Big Bads. The recent trilogy seems to not only introduce several closely connected enemies, but also to bring back the older ones.
  • Monster Progenitor - the Original Vagineer seen in the BLU Vagineer's flashback sequence in Operation: Vagineer.
  • Neck Lift - Soldine does it to Madic after finally overpowering him.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot - Robosol is Zombie-Cyborg-Super Soldier.
  • No-Sell
    • Soldine frequently shrugs off heavy hits.
    • Übercharged Vagineer is an Implacable Man.
  • Not Quite Flight - Soldine can propel himself with pressurised steam coming out of his rear end, but it is hardly maneuverable and limited way of travelling.
  • Oh, Crap!
    • Handsome Rogue isn't exactly happy when he realises he's been hit with Soldine's Finishing Move.
    • In Soldine vs. Madic, the latter's reaction to Soldine activating his gatling gun.
    • Necropolis - Soldine utters shocked "shit" when his rocket punches don't work on Zombie Heavy.
  • One-Shot Character
    • Handsome Rogue and Madic were originally this, though they have since returned in Enemies Of Old and played prominent roles in Operation: Vagineer.
    • Team ZOM from Necropolis plays it straight.
  • Our Vampires Are Different - Handsome Rogue displays inhuman fitness and sucks blood in order to regenerate, but that's about it. Except for his red eyes he looks like a normal human, doesn't have elongated fangs and is completely unfazed by the sun.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse - Destroyer is a short, stocky, unassuming, savage Lightning Bruiser.
  • Pummel Duel
    • That's how the main fight in Soldine vs. Handsome Rogue begins.
    • Soldine and Madic engage into this late during their confrontation.
  • Punched Across the Room
    • Soldine is a heavy-hitter.
    • Zombie Heavy in Necropolis sends Soldine flying into a bus wreckage.
  • Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter" - Handsome Rogue delights in chaos and mayhem.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad
    • Team ZOM from the Necropolis episode.
    • The GRY trio from Arctic Assault as well.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Once a fight. Unlike the traditional G-mod method, each punch is actually articulated as such as opposed to being a flailing of limbs.
  • Red Shirt Army - HECU do their best, but they rarely are capable of even stalling the monsters. They have already sustained several dozen of casualties in the series until now.
  • Robo Speak
  • Rocket Punch - one of Soldine's abilities.
  • Rule of Cool - even though the series may be somewhat serious at times realism frequently gives way to awesomeness. Given the series' source and the fact that it is basically a CGI cartoon, this is pretty normal.
  • Series Fauxnale - Operation: Vagineer was originally planned to be the finale of the series where the main antagonist and his enforcer are defeated once and for all. However, by that time the author started having new ideas, which resulted in a Post-Script Season of sorts with new enemies and a significantly expanded cast.
  • Shock and Awe
    • Soldine in his Power Boosted state has limited electrokinetic powers, though it doesn't last for long and drains a lot of his energy.
    • Energineer can fire lightning bolts and cast currents of electricity with the power of his bionics.
  • Super Mode
    • Soldine has Power Boost, which allows him to fully utilise 100% of his total power for a short period of time.
    • Vagineer can self-Übercharge, changing into an Implacable Man.
  • Time Stop - Handsome Rogue's potentially most dangerous ability.
  • Unstoppable Rage - Madic is a super-powered berserker. Actually, the magnitude of his wrath determines his strength.
  • Versus Title - all mini-movies that follow the Monster of the Week formula:
    • Soldine vs. Vagineer
    • Soldine vs. Handsome Rogue
    • Soldine vs. Madic
    • Soldine vs. Robosol
  • Victory by Endurance - this is the half-intentional way the good guys manage to defeat Destroyer in the finale. Destroyer has to tear through a platoon of HECU troopers with a tank, and then Major Scout Guy, Orangeman and Madic, who are all fairly strong fighters on their own. Only afterward does he engage Soldine, who has recently received an upgrade that increases his stamina. Destroyer holds the upper hand initially but inevitably runs out of steam, at which point Soldine turns the tables and ultimately detonates him with the Thunder Punch.
  • The World's Expert on Getting Killed - The elite HECU special forces are supposed to deal with hostile Monsters but usually don't last long. They do manage to put up a fight against ordinary zombies or low-rank Monsters, though.
  • Zombie Apocalypse - the BLU Vagineer planned to start it. A "local" one had caused an entire district of the Evo City to be quarantined.


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