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Hel-lo, everyone, this is Chris X. Just your nerdy Indonesian dude around his 30's. Jeez, I'm feeling old... But I like to keep my spirits young.

I have big interests in mainly video games, and branching out to anime/manga, comics, film, TV series, amongst others. So, yeah, I'm something of a Jack-of-All-Stats.

I have interests that, shall we say, may starkly contrast with the general consensus, but I'm damn proud with my interests and tastes.


Yeah, I used to make a page here, but now the page has been revamped. I felt my last one was rather lacking.

Do enjoy witnessing my page!

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    Area of Interest 

Anime and Manga



TV Series

Video Games (Oh boy. Here we go)

(Please please please note that I might expand on this section over time. And just because it's in my areas of interest list doesn't mean I don't have disappointments about them at all. I tend to have them.)

    Youtube Countdown Channel! 
Following the examples of the likes of The Quarter Guy, I managed to buy myself some recording tools and now make my own countdown, as usual, being the Oddball Gamer. Here are the videos for you to enjoy:
  • Top 15 Arc System Works Characters
    • Part 1 Part 2
    • TL;DR Result: note 
  • Top 20 Most Wanted Hero For Heroes of the Storm
    • Part 1 Part 2
    • TL;DR Result: note 
  • Top 20 Smite Gods
    • Part 1 Part 2
    • TL;DR Result: note 
  • Top 10 Video Game Knife Wielders
  • Top 20 Dota 2 Heroes
    • Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
    • TL;DR Result: note 

Would love to make anime-based ones, but I'm afraid the copyright infringement will kill me for using their footages.

    Wordpress Blog: Corner of Fiction 
Blog here. This is mostly for countdowns, just in case I don't have a lot of time to make continuous videos. However, I will usually still make videos regardless, because it's more exciting. But I can't let my ideas die yet.


    Fan Fiction 
I wrote a few fanfics, though my problem is that I put my scope too big and often struggle to finish.

I authored Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai (which is still going, even if it's in a sluggish pace) and Shadows Of The Azure (Taken down due to how it conflicted canon)

    Tropes that I apply to myself 
  • Berserk Button: Betrayal of images. I tend to have expectations on something, and when that expectation is betrayed... I lose my shit and common sense.
  • Fan of the Underdog: Many times, tending to favor what the fandom don't overly focus.
  • Fanservice: Not bothered with them, appreciate voluptuous and sexy bodies instead of going "Eew, gross!"
  • Fatal Flaw: Overattachment, once I'm attached to something, it's hard to let go. In addition of that, tendency to go Windmill Crusader to defend someone I think unpopular and Needs More Love.
  • Good Feels Good: It's why I prefer doing goody-goody things (But of course I fail at times, I'm just a man after all). I'm kinda sick of the trend of Evil Is Cool and Good Is Boring.
  • Good Is Not Nice: I try to be good at times, but sometimes I just don't have patience to certain group of people.
  • The Leader: Apparently, the Trope Pantheon guys considered me as an unofficial one, due to trying to stay calm at most. Don't think this applies to real life, though. I'm more of a follower guys and have shit leadership skills.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Most of the time, I try to be nice, but there are times I just get my mouth off and comes off insensitive. Still I usually did not mean those.
  • Nerd: Not at all athletic, and more interested in geeky, fiction stuffs.
  • Never Live It Down: All right guys, if any of you are still thinking that I'm this wacko who overly obsess about a certain buxom doctor... Well I don't blame you. That's going to be a smear in my internet life record forever.
  • True Neutral: As much as I like Neutral Good better, I am not as saintful as the trope implies. All in all, I just believe that my welfare comes first, but I do value good-hearted principles, and hates selfishness for the heck of it.
  • Troll: Depends. If it's done in good nature and amongst a good circle of friends, it's fine. But if it's done out of malice, For the Evulz, or things that make people suffer... even on strangers... I'd think that those people are scums that deserve to be publicly humiliated. Personal Acceptable Targets, I'd say.

    Trope Pantheons 
I'm a big contributor there, having upped a lot of things. And for some reason, people there kinda look up to me as either The Heart or Team Dad. We'll just see how long it lasts...

My history of uploads? Exact order unknown, but here are the characters I ascended:

If I end up accidentally taking credits of someone I did not ascend, let me know.


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