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Rhona Natasha Mitra (born 9 August 1976 in Paddington, London), sometimes credited as Rona Mitra, is an English actress, model and singer. She came to prominence as the model for the iconic Lara Croft, essentially professionally cosplaying as her. She then broke into film and television with memorable performances in the likes of Nip/Tuck, The Practice and Boston Legal, and she won critical praise for her fierce turn as a bona-fide action heroine in Doomsday (although reception to the film itself was a little more divided). She also starred as Dr. Rachel Scott on The Last Ship.


Film Roles


Television Roles


  • Mixed Ancestry: She is half-Indian half-white.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Due to her striking beauty and sultry voice, her roles tend to be this by default but it's most notable in Ali G Inda House, Doomsday, the TV movie of Beowulf and Nip/Tuck. Hell, one of her roles is 'Bus Stop Bombshell'.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting: Many Underworld fans were pleased at her starring role in Rise of the Lycans as barring a few key differences, she and Kate Beckinsale are extremely close in looks, which makes a scene in the first film, where Victor mentions how much Kate's character reminds him of his daughter, Sonia, make more sense.

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