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An extract from page 28

Annyseed is a graphic novel about a turning point in a young vampire girl's life.

In the 1950's, Anny Vermont was a happy, friendly, popular teenager without a care in the world. That was until one fateful night when she was (Yep, you guessed it) bitten by a vampire, and her life was changed forever.

Anny hated becoming a vampire so much that she took the first opportunity that arose to return to high school. Unfortunately, this break didn't arrive until a good 60 years later, by which time Anny had picked up her fair share of eccentricities and a deep obsession with rock music.

The first Annyseed adventure, The Blood of Another, takes place over the first five days of her return to high school. There she meets a kind hearted otaku called Winston, a misunderstood bully named Charlotte, and a seemingly paedophilic substitute teacher called Mr. Coldsteem, who appears to be obsessed with Anny.

Anny and her new friend, Winston, decide that they need to somehow divert Coldsteem's attention from her, without drawing it towards her vampiricisms. (So telling the faculty is not an option.) However, the powers of a forest witch just might be what they are after. Their travels lead them through old, steam punk mansions, swamp dragon caves, and a bizarre witch herb garden. Little do they realize, that a much more dangerous nemesis is in high pursuit of our heroine.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Adults Are Useless: Charlotte, and her girl posse, constantly and literally push Winston around and take his possessions without his consent, and the principal does nothing. When Anny pushes Charlotte aside to rescue him (slamming her into a locker, denting it), Anny is the one put into detention. This is later subverted with extreme prejudice when Charlotte is turned into a vampire and the principal, trying to discipline her for skipping school gets drained dry.
  • Alpha Bitch: Charlotte Peechi displays all the common character traits, yet later in the story it is revealed that she's not the most popular girl in the school and hasn't exactly been spoiled by her parents. Will she get her comeuppance? All will eventually be revealed.
  • Author Appeal: The author uses key moments in the story to express his fondness of classic rock music, by making the lead character "geek out" and splurge random knowledge or opinions on certain albums or songs.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Once Winston gets wind of the Masquerade, he becomes this.
  • The Big Bad Wolf: Annyseed's Big Bad Wolf character is Count Tarrorviene. He seeks the blood of a younger vampire in order to release him from the trappings of his victorian blood machine.
  • Big Fancy House: "I still can't get over your uncles mansion back there!" -Winston says to Anny, page 99.
  • Bodyguard Babes: Count Tarrorviene is never seen without the lovely ninja, Tabria watching over him.
  • The Bully: Charlotte Peechi, decided from the moment she first met Anny, that she would forever be her inconvenience.
  • Bullying a Dragon: After Anny slams Charlotte into a locker, while defending Winston, Charlotte acts like she could take Anny down with ease.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Annyseed is dashed with these… Just what does Professor Tripadiculous do with his guests? What is all this about Tarkwin's daughter, Juliet? Who was she? Are Perry's words to be taken seriously? And just what is Winston going to do, now that he ownes the love potion?
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Anny uses a love potion in order to deter someone from her, rather than attract someone to her. Winston, you’re a genius! Mmwa! Page 61.
  • Dark Lord on Life Support: Count Tarrorviene is hooked up to a blood machine which he is dependent on for survival. He also keeps his most capable servant at his side all the time, rather than sending her out to accomplish tasks that are difficult for his lesser servants, because he's incapable of defending himself and fears for his safety.
  • Face Palm: Count Tarroviene on page 66. Also, Winston seems to be heading this way on page 119.
  • Fictional Counterpart: Winston’s phone on page 56 appears to be an Okina.
  • Ghibli Hills: You have only to cross the road from the school yard, and there you are, in an untouched woodland paradise.
  • The Good Old British Comp: Anny attends a Comprehensive school, although the laws of the Annyseed universe don't require the students to wear uniforms.
  • Haunted House: Uncle Tarkwin's mansion is known to be haunted. Perry Elliot, the ghost, frequently visits the library, and, (though he would like you to believe otherwise) Anny's bedroom.
  • High School: Despite being set in The Good Old British Comp, it mismatches American high school motifs, such as, lockers and trophy cabernets in the hallway, students wearing their own clothes, and high school stereotypes like, the Alpha Bitch.
  • The Igor: Reversed in Annyseed, where our hero's are greeted at the door by a cute, defiant, little Monkey.
  • In the Hood: On page 19, we see that the sinister Coldsteem has adopted a hooded costume.
  • Mad Scientist: Annyseed has the crazy, charming, sometimes grumpy and a little suspicious, Yet lovable, Professor Tripadiculous. He likes doing tests on Monkeys. He has the documents required or that sort of thing too. So don't question him.
  • Magical Land: The magical land is not so much a secret, but goes unnoticed if you aren't looking for it. It surrounds the real world (which in itself, doesn't quite seem like reality), but the most magical area in Annyseed ’s version of the isle of Skye, is the woodland of Skull Valley, which works as a kind of Monster Town.
  • Monster Town: In Annyseed there is a place where all the monsters can live their lives happily, away from humanity. To get there, just follow Reaper Road until it dips into the woodland, and when you come to a sign saying, "Skull Valley - no vehicles" just keep going a little further, until the undergrowth gets so dark you can hardly make out the road. But go at your own risk.
  • Planimal: Anny bumps into a rather assertive and agitated talking plant, whilst wandering through Hazels herb garden.
  • Retro Universe: Many character wear victorian clothing, yet some are a little more 1980's in style. Victorian machinery is often used along side modern day mobile/cell phones. Ninjas go around with katana blades, and our heroine is dropped off at school by the latest rolls royce. - It's all good fun.
  • Rule of Scary: Why does Count Tarrorviene have red scabby rings around his eyes? And how come Uncle Tarkwin doesn't have them, yet is the same age and species as Tarrorviene? Also, just how did they get that conveniently designed blood machine into that castle keep, and manage to plug it into his shoulder blades whist he (most likely) fought for his very existence? It doesn't matter, it's creepy, so let it be.
  • Steampunk: Welcome to the delightful home of professor Tripadiculous! Page 49 - 64. Also note, Count Tarrorviene's blood machine in other pages.
  • Tautological Templar: Combined with Head-in-the-Sand Management. The principal, Mr. Mooreman has a zero tolerance policy for violence, even when said violence is used in defending the resident nerd from the Alpha Bitch and her Girl Posse. This comes back to bite him hard, literally.
  • There's No Place Like Home: Anny desperately wants to be human again. Or at least feel like part of the human race.
  • Tunnel Network: The comic features a large underground tunnel network that connects many of the residents of Skull Valley. In the webcomic, we see Anny and Winston use one of the tunnels to get from Professor Tripadiculous' secret lab to Hamish the Swamp Dragon's cave.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Annyseed is definitely set in Scotland, and it's definitely set on the isle of Skye, but exactly what part of the 639 square miles, with a population of just under 10,000 people, remains a mystery. And how come the kids wear what they like, whist attending The Good Old British Comp ? No clues there... Perhaps it's an alternate reality?
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Anny is trapped as a vampire for eternity, despite her wishes.