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     Future Opponent Speculation 

A Werewolf.

During the song of the same name, the Monster talks about giving the Boyfriend's blood to a werewolf. While this could easily just be part of the song's spooky feel, it is the only time in either of its songs that it mentions another supernatural creature - or even a living thing that is not the Boyfriend or Girlfriend outside of a vague mention of the two meeting their friends in an ambulance. In addition, it's odd to mention a werewolf specifically since vampires are the ones so closely associated with blood; coupled with the moon being depicted as full in both the times it's shown, and well... maybe it's just coincidence, but with the low-key supernatural elements of Monster itself and the ambiguously demonic nature of Girlfriend's parents, a werewolf would fit in quite nicely, possibly for another Halloween themed week.


While not being a Flash character, Trollface is an important part of Internet culture and has starred in numerous memes. He's experienced a recent revival recently in a new form, the Trollge, so maybe we will see him encounter the boyfriend soon?

Hatsune Miku.

Building off the joke that Miku is the Boyfriend's sister, she'll try to break the two of them up on the grounds that dating the Girlfriend is putting her brother's life in danger. Which it is.


Given how he was one of Newgrounds' most famous content creators, it makes too much sense. Arin would most likely appear in the "Grump Head" art style shown in the intro of Game Grumps and the stage would feature cameos by Danny, JonTron, and Ninja Brian. (The last of whom would appear behind Girlfriend operating a turntable) The songs could be remixes of notable Starbomb tracks.

Coach Z

Considering how Pico, a very influential part of Flash's history, was included and considering how Coach Z is a rapper (or at least tries to be), perhaps he might be a Bonus Boss of sorts with songs like "These Peoples Try to Fade Me" or "Fish-Eye Lens". Either that or Coach Z might dress as an FNF character for Homestar's 2021 Halloween toon.


Another Newgrounds/Flash veteran whose overt religious themes wouldn't be too far removed from FNF's demonic undertones. To stay true to his origins, his appearance would directly harken back to his original Flash game as opposed to the more bit-crushed aesthetic Rebirth. The music would also consist of remixes of the original game's Danny Baranowsky tracks, such as Sacrificial, My Innermost Apocalypse and ... Be Done.

Henry Stickmin

He’s also a famous Flash character, and his music can be remixes of music in his games. Also, his idle animation could be the (in)famous distraction dance. If not, then it could be featured in his moves.
  • Maybe alongside Charles Calvin and/or Ellie Rose?


Being the main antagonist of Pico's School, she's more or less the reason why Pico is the gun-toting lunatic he is today. The plot is that Cassandra has returned from the dead to seek revenge from Pico. That's when Boyfriend and Girlfriend are forced to team up with Pico to take her down once more...through a rap battle.
  • Bonus points if she goes full Penalien for her last song. Obviously might have to be censored though, possibly through a Scenery Censor.


Like Pico, he has been sent by Daddy Dearest to get rid of the Boyfriend. But in this case, it's revealed that Daddy Dearest is terrified of Alastor and only convinced him to do the deed rather than hire him. However, Alastor finds the escapades of Boyfriend and Girlfriend amusing and decides to do a rap battle instead of killing the former. There could also be a joke where Alastor says that Mommy Mearest's voice reminds him of a certain someone. (Alluding to how her vocals were provided by Vaggie's voice actress Monica Franco)

Crazy Frog

He was popular during the 2000s, and his singing mostly consists of sounds that would translate well in FNF format.
  • Another doubtable one, mainly due to copyright.

Dr. Fetus

Seeing another happy couple, Dr. Fetus is extremely angry and jealous, because this remind it of somebody else. Seeking to ruin their happiness, He kidnaps Girlfriend and challenge Boyfriend to a rap battle in order to release her. His songs could be remixes of Can'O Salt, It Ends, Dr. Fetus' Castle, and Carmeaty Burana. Since Isaac is a possibility, then why not him?
  • Also perfectly possible.

The Girlfriend

Not just that, but as the Final Boss or the Disc-One Final Boss of the game. Given her musical background, it's not a surprise if she inherited her musical talent from her parents. Plus, she taught her Boyfriend during the tutorial. Also, given that she's basically there listening to you singing with various opponents during all those weeks, she could have memorised all those songs (even if she's said to be an idiot, but there might be a twist on that), and would want to see how her Boyfriend actually fared off for the finale. Granted, she might use this to test his strength or prove his worth, just like her parents did. Her final song(s) could be a medley of several songs in previous weeks, effectively making her a Final-Exam Boss.
  • An alternative inversion is that the girlfriend ends up being playable during a moment in the story where she sings on behalf of the boyfriend for a specified reason (i.e. the opponent of the week attempts to cheat by stealing the boyfriends ability to sing, forcing the girlfriend to step in), fully unleashing her demon powers when she does so.
  • The developers apparently said that this is too cliché, and most likely will not be used.


Continuing with the trend of famous Flash characters, why not add Flippy and Fliqpy? One of his songs could be the HTF theme song itself.

The Noid

  • Probably not possible, again due to copyright from a big company.

ZONE-tan (from Zone-Archive)

Jason, Chris and/or Stan (from Nightmare Cops)

Chris and/or Zach (from Hellbenders)

Combat Wombat

Alien Hominid

Red Knight

Edd, Tom, Matt, and/or Tord

Phil Eggtree


She has an up-and-coming series on Newgrounds, there's already a popular mod for her, and she was even featured in the Pico Day 2021 banner! Not to mention she would also have a very unique theming for a possible week.

Pico (Again)

This is specifically theorizing he'll be the Week 8 boss: He was contracted to check on BF and GF to make sure BF was dead after the GF's parents' plot. He jumped in to save BF and GF when they were about to be executed. It's highly likely that Daddy Dearest wouldn't like learning that Pico had a chance to save his little girl and didn't take it, and it's quite plausible that that was his motivation.
  • If the above is true, saving the BF was probably a side effect of making sure Daddy Dearest didn't turn him into the next Senpai. The result, with BF still alive and Pico contracted to make sure he's dead, is probably a lot like the situation that led to Week 3, including a rap battle.
  • It's pretty likely that Darnell and Nene might be included in the stage for the week, too, considering that they also originated from Pico's School. Bonus points if Darnell appears behind the Girlfriend operating a turntable. Speaking of Darnell and Nene, I think it would be pretty cool if one of them gets a turn to sing during a week where Pico returns and brings them with him.
  • This is highly likely, given that both Pico and Daddy Dearest will be appearing in future weeks.

Salad Fingers

He's an iconic Newgrounds character, and his surreal and unsettling nature would certainly make for an interesting inclusion.

    The Monster 

The Monster will be the final boss of the completed game

  • The creators have previously expressed the intent of properly implementing the Monster into the game in a future update. However, given its... unique characteristics, it's not really feasible to have the Monster be a regular opponent. Given that its only currently existing song isn't that difficult, it will likely be the first one in its set. Perhaps the final song will be a Chess with Death scenario, in which the Monster offers to spare the Boyfriend and Girlfriend's lives if the Boyfriend can beat it in a rap battle.
    • You might be on to something because it made its debut in Week 5. It even pulls off a Hostile Show Takeover, so that ticks the "irregular opponent" box.

The Monster is intended to be a 'holiday' character.

  • Week 2 strangely only had two songs when every other week has had 3 so far. However, the Monster's original Dummied Out appearance uses the Week 2 background, making it likely that he was intended to fill in the gap with a third spooky, Halloween-y song. This would match up with his official debut in Week 5, where he takes over as the surprise final opponent. The Monster is gonna show up every time there's a holiday-themed week, and his next appearance will probably be singing about eating hearts on Valentine's Day or something.
    • Partly Jossed, as Senpai is the character you sing against for valentines day. However, he does turn into a demon at the third song, so it's not farfetched to believe that Monster will be a recurring character.
    • Made more plausible with the addition of Monster at the end of Week 2 as of the Week 7 update.

The Monster can warp reality itself, although only temporarily.

  • As you probably know the transition to Week 5's final song "Winter-Horrorland" takes a very dark turn, with everything changing to a very gruesome scene in just a couple of seconds, with everyone either presumably dead, or have ran away. But this troper thinks otherwise, the Monster is possibly capable of changing things to suit to what they like, but only for a couple of minutes. You see the Monster in the background of the first two songs (Next to Hatsune Miku, funnily enough.), this could be because the Monster could be studying the layout of the mall so they can replicate it in their own gruesome way, and when they do their surprise appearance by making a scene (But no screams, weirdly.), it could be possible that the Monster is warping reality through the eyes of the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend, because we only see those three and nobody else, and then after the Boyfriend sings his way though the Monster's morbid song (Unfazed, might I add!), things probably returned to normal, after that fiasco. Let's just be glad the Boyfriend (hopefully) didn't fail against the Monster.

  • Confirmed! Er, sort of. NinjaMuffin says it twists perception.

The Monster is actually the girlfriend.

  • They both speak perfect English as opposed to the vocaloid sounds the others make, they're both demonic in nature, and LD looks like a puppet of some kind if you really look at him.

The Monster loves Girlfriend and is also singing for her heart, but not in the way Boyfriend is.

In his mind, this is what he considers love: wanting to eat someone so much that he'd sing songs for them about what he'd do to them and their soon-to-be-former loved one. The only reason he doesn't make do on his threats is because Boyfriend can keep up with his songs, which to him, is a sign that Girlfriend's heart still lays somewhere else due to her lover not absolutely failing. If Boyfriend failed (or got blueballed, as the game shows), the Monster would see that as a sign that he won over Girlfriend, and that he can begin prepping a meal with Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

The Monster is a former human stuck in its Halloween/work costume, and is out for revenge.

Whether through supernatural circumstance or, more likely, Daddy Dearest being a massive dick again (see the Spirit's fate), what was once a man or a kid inside a costume with a lemon mask is now a flesh-eating Humanoid Abomination speaking the eldritch language of English. Maybe for this reason it spares Skid and Pump and instead focuses its hunger on Girlfriend and Boyfriend, the former because the masked children remind it enough of itself to not butcher and the latter because the duo, namely Girlfriend, are related to the man who screwed it over. After being thwarted once, it later focuses its harmonious rage on the Boyfriend for getting in the way of the last attempt to catch and eat Girlfriend.

Daddy Dearest is testing The Boyfriend in the same way he was tested to win over Mommy Mearest long ago


  • Firstly, The Girlfriend bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother, with the red dress and brunette hair. Secondly, Daddy Dearest is specifically stated to be an ex-rockstar. Did he start his career because he was challenged by his father-in-law to a singing contest for Mommy Mearest's hand? And did he retire once he dealt with all of his rivals and settled down with Mommy Mearest? Is he taking the challenges he faced at heart and is using them on The Boyfriend to make history repeat itself?


One or both of the Girlfriend's parents used to be normal humans

  • The Week 4 update has all but confirmed the long-standing suspicion that there's some demonic influence going on in the family, but what isn't yet clear is whether the Girlfriend's parents are themselves demons, or if one or both of them made some sort of Deal with the Devil, possibly for their ungodly musical talent. It would certainly explain why the Girlfriend looks human despite having two purple-skinned, red-eyed parents. They may have looked perfectly normal before she was born.
    • Possibly Jossed considering the events of the Stress cutscene.

The Girlfriend has Resurrective Immortality.

Many believe that it's Mommy Mearest whose severed head is on top of the Christmas tree at the end of Week 5, but the hair looks more like the Girlfriend's... even though the Girlfriend herself is clearly alive and well, sitting right there on top of the speakers as always. But notice how Lemon Monster expresses a much stronger interest in eating the Boyfriend than the Girlfriend this time around. It may have already killed the Girlfriend offscreen, but given up after she simply respawned, and will now settle for making the Boyfriend its main course instead.

This may also explain why the Girlfriend has the same unconcerned expression on her face no matter what dangerous situation she's in. She isn't actually in any real danger, and she knows it. She does display Fear of Thunder during Week 2, but that may just be natural human instinct kicking in.


The Boyfriend doesn't speak English.

  • He may be able to understand basic things, such as directional terms spoken by Girlfriend in the tutorial level. However, since the Boyfriend seems generally unbothered by the very disturbing lyrics in the Dummied Out song, as well as just going with the game's staple "repeat what I say" theme throughout the monster's performance, this troper can only wonder what kind of thought process that boy has.
    • Week 6 seems to confirm this to be true, as Boyfriend replies to Senpai's dialogue with "Beep bo bop" pre-"Senpai" and "Bop beep be be skdoo bep" pre-"Roses".
      • This is jossed as Word of God stated that Boyfriend can actually speak English, but speaks in beeps and bops to avoid talking to people.

Pico is rapping not for the heart of The Girlfriend, but to win back/get back at The Boyfriend.

  • Hey, Tom Fulp and ninjamuffin already gave their approval! Why not apply that approval to some buck-wild theory?

Week 5 is just Boyfriend and Girlfriend's families traditions.

Senpai is the spirits of a boy/some boys who didn't treat Girlfriend right.

  • With how he's initially handsome and hospitable only to later reveal himself as crude (and treating Girlfriend as an accessory to the situation at best), perhaps the reason Dad sealed him/them in the game was because they played her, and said some truly outrageous things. If they're going to act like life's a game, the logic must have went...give them a game. With the disregard for body autonomy pre-Thorns, perhaps it was...not a wise move, but certainly a bit more of a justifiable one. Was it men like these that caused Dad to grow so wary?

Senpai's niceness in the first song was genuine.

  • At first he was probably happy to finally have a real human to interact with but once he noticed who the girlfriend was he became mad and jealous because not only is the boyfriend still alive and free he’s also dating the same girl he did before he was sent into a Fate Worse than Death by her father.
    • The idea is correct, but the way it was presented was jossed. Spirit does not control Senpai, and Senpai's turn was due to the programmers not taking into account him losing, because he is not suppsoed to lose.

The Girlfriend and her family are all distant relatives of The Addams Family

  • The Girlfriend is human-looking enough, but Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest are clearly otherworldly in appearance, with pale skin and glowing eyes. They hang out with strange things (the Mother's demon minions), and are capable of unusual feats (Senpai's fate). They also engage in behaviors that the Addams wouldn't even blink at (taking over a mall to have a singing contest with their daughter's lover).
    • Eh, I don't know so much about that. The Addamses aren't the kind of people who would try and point-blank try and kill a child. Or hold Santa hostage. Maybe the Addamses don't associate with them anymore because they're total dicks.

Daddy Dearest is a form of the Overprotective Dad trope, but with a twist; he's not trying to keep people away from The Girlfriend, he's trying to keep her for himself

  • This would explain why he subjected his own daughter to the same fate he subjected Senpai and the Boyfriend to.

Speaking English is something only demons can do.

Both Lemon Demon and Senpai speak English. However, you might be wondering "What about Girlfriend?" Well, demonic influence runs in the family, which is noticeable if you look at her parent's designs.
  • This is somewhat jossed as Word of God stated that Boyfriend, who is human, can also speak English, but speaks in beeps and bops to avoid talking to people.
    • This becomes completely jossed with the release of week 7 having cutscenes which have the Tankmen speaking clear English.

The whole thing is a reality show

And Girlfriend is the host. It would explain why she's always the one in danger, why she never does anything, why she's never concerned about anything, and why Senpai's outburst happened so suddenly.

Girlfriend was using a Human Disguise

This why she look human despite her parents being demons. She turn back into her true form after Boyfriend defeat the finale boss.

  • Jossed, Word of God confirms that she looks human because of "true love". However, she does partially and temporarily turn back to a demon form when the Tankmen try to shoot her in Week 7.

If the "+10 Week Epilogue" goal is met, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are going to have a time-skip apperance...

...where they look like Girlfriend's parents, have married, and have become the true successors to Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest. Earn Your Happy Ending indeed.

The Girlfriend's real name is actually Daughter Dearest.

Or that's her parents' pet name for her.

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