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This is how The Boyfriend canonically talks.... 

Being a sendup to retro Flash animation, it’d be a shame if we didn’t mention some of the utter nonsense that goes on.

Beware of unmarked spoilers!


  • The title screen has a Couch Gag where the third opening line changes every time you boot up the game. Most of them are lowercase and nonsensically trollish. Highlights include:
    women are real —- this is official
    better than geometry dash —- fight me robtop
    album of the year —- chuckie finster
    his name isn't keith --- dumb eggy lol
    his name isnt evan --- silly tiktok
    too many people —- my head hurts
    dope ass game —- playstation magazine
    too overexposed —- newgrounds can't handle us
    updates on friday --- on time every time
    Pico funny --- Pico funny
    yooooooooooo —- yooooooooo
  • The fact that the game's tutorial has difficulty settings is worth a chuckle, especially when you learn the only difference between the three is that the hard version has a ton of random arrows tacked on at the end.
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  • Some facial expressions the characters make when holding a note are somewhat wacky. Daddy Dearest's left animation makes him do a disgusted-looking expression, and Skid and Pump's down animation makes them make a really exaggerated O with their mouths. Monster's rather uncanny face also looks fairly silly whenever doing his down or up animations. Boyfriend's face whenever he fails a note has been sources of memes ever since the start of the game's popularity, and on a smaller scale, Pico's unused fail sprites received the same treatment.
  • During "Bopeebo", Daddy Dearest spends a bar just holding a note. He makes it clear that he's just screwing with the Boyfriend when he chuckles (i.e. hits a brief left arrow) when the Boyfriend either actually repeats it, or if he somehow fails to copy this simple note.
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  • During "Spookeez", the spooky kids actually hit notes in time to the deep "Break it down!" in the soundtrack, despite how high-pitched their voices normally are in the "Spooky Month" shorts.
  • Despite the fact that the Boyfriend only speaks in beeps and boops, at the very end of "Monster", Monster's last line is "ooOOooh...yum...",and when the Boyfriend sings that part back, the notes that would go in place for the "yum" sound remarkably similar to "Ew", as if the Boyfriend has the nerve to mock the Monster.
  • Week 4 involves the Boyfriend and Mommy Mearest dueling on top of a speeding limo, while the backup dancers are enthusiastically dancing on another speeding limo in the background. Over-the-top doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • Week 5:
    • Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest hijack a mall during Christmas time, complete with kicking the local Santa out of his chair. Daddy Dearest keeps him around by holding him at gunpoint with a comically large pistol.
    • The competition between the Girlfriend's parents and the Boyfriend attracts a huge crowd, all of whom are more interested in bopping to the beat than actually dealing with the hostage situation. Even the mall Santa, despite nervously staring into the barrel of Daddy Dearest's gun, is also bopping along.


  • Several sources claim that Friday Night Funkin' is a game for the PS1 released in 2003, from the game's description to the soundtrack's cover art.
  • The creators of the game knew damn well that the Mom would spawn Rule 34 art, so they all but encouraged it with song titles like "Satin Panties" and "M.I.L.F".
  • Even the game's files have a bit of dry wit:
    • Among the game's images, there is a screenshot of a twitch user's chat message. Why? Well...
    • Existing in the folder for Week 4 is a lone sprite of one of the background dancers, simply titled "dumb.png".
    • The folder containing the assets for Week 6 is simply called "weeb", with the background elements all being "weeb[Element]". The girls fawning over Senpai are called "bgFreaks.png".
    • In most cases, the spritesheets for the characters are titled "[character name] assets.png"... the exception is Daddy Dearest, whose spritesheet is instead simply titled "DADDY DEAREST". All caps included.
    • For some reason, Pico's assets are named Pico_FNF_assetss. A bit of a literal case of Spell My Name with an "S".
    • There is a 4chan screencap of a thread where somebody asks people to share their favorite mods that was replied with "Come back after Week 5 releases" by a website Anon. The thread was made right before the Week 5 update went public.
  • The first official news about week 7 was, in its entirety, "it's not tankman". They later even went so far as to put fake leaks of "Ritz the Rat", a character from another game Ninjamuffin worked on, to screw with fan speculation before it eventually became more and more obvious that week 7 would, in fact, feature Tankman as the opponent.
  • The official channel's upload of "M.I.L.F" quickly became its most popular, garnering 4.4 million views in three months. The same channel's upload of "Ugh" shattered that number, gaining 5 million in just two weeks. The funny part: Week 7, which "Ugh" is ostensibly from, hadn't even come out yet.
  • Word of God confirms Boyfriend speaks English, he just says beeps and boops because he doesn't want to talk to people.


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