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Remilitarized Zone

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Stand to attention, player! You're not in Green Hill Zone any more! This videogame setting suddenly has a lot of guns, bombs, tanks, warships, soldiers, barbed wire, trenches, smoke, and mines, often in stark contrast to the rest of the game. Often seen in platformers to mix up the usual mix of generic level types.

The music will generally switch to a more sinister theme to warn you, if not a straight out military marching tune.

Don't be surprised to see Schizo Tech, Super Soldier enemies, a Military Mashup Machine for a boss, and for the battlefield to resemble Mordor. Compare Battleship Raid.

Note that if the game's whole setting is already military, then it doesn't count. This trope is a Videogame Settings trope in the same sense as Slippy-Slidey Ice World or Band Land.


Alternative Title(s): Remilitarised Zone