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Thornsaddle is a webcomic hosted on ComicFury about the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It takes place within the same universe as Harry Potter. It was created by Michael Belsole (the writer) and Doug MacDonald (the artist). Josh Rubino draws the strip on occasion. The comic is mostly gag-per-day, although there have been some short storylines.

Thornsaddle, the school, is located somewhere in the deserts of Texas. The webcomic mostly focuses on Jack, a first-year muggle-born. His best friend is another student named Tom.


Tropes used in Thornsaddle:

  • Wizarding School: Obviously.
  • Write Who You Know: A few of Mike's friends have been drawn in as characters. Through winning a contest, one member of ComicFury became a student in Thornsaddle.
    • The "Jedi": There are two characters in Thornsaddle who use magic to become Jedi. Their names are Mike and Doug ; )
    • The Combustible Engines: The members of this "muggle rock" band are all people Mike has toured with in wizard rock.
    • Josh Rubino appears as a pompous character with a stiff upper lip.
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    • Contest winner Linden has become a recurring character in Thornsaddle.

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