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The Packrat is a series of comic strips created by David C. Lovelace (of Retarded Animal Babies and Metasonix front panel design fame) in 2005. They're all available online, some of the older ones including the first four ones exclusively, so the series does qualify as a web comic, but some of the strips, including the current ones, made it into print media.

The main character, Packrat, not only is a rodent, he's also the stereotype of a gear-hogging but largely uncreative synthesizer nerd taken to the extreme. He is one of the worst cases of Gear Acquisition Syndrome ever seen. He buys every synthesizer he can get, no matter how overpriced (but not if it's seriously damaged by his definition), and he prefers real hardware synths, preferably but not exclusively vintage analog ones, no matter how expensive. Yet, he rarely ever puts his synths to good use. It is a kind of Running Gag that Packrat never actually does anything creative with his gear such as recording and producing his own electronic music. All this gets him into frequent arguments with his wife, at least before his divorce which grants him more time and space for more synths. Packs later joins the occasional band, but never with the typical synth shenanigans.

Originally, Lovelace drew The Packrat mostly for himself and had it posted on MatrixSynth. After a couple of irregularly published strips, he got the chance to have The Packrat printed in the Keyboard magazine where it ran for eight issues until its hiatus in February 2006. Said hiatus lasted for more than four years, only interrupted by three special occasion comics. In August 2010, The Packrat returned to both the Web and the Keyboard Magazine. After pretty much exactly ten years, The Packrat was concluded and came to an end in February 2015.

This comic provides examples of: