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Film / He Said, She Said

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He Said, She Said is a 1991 romance film about two op-ed journalists, Dan and Lorie. At the start of the film, the two journalists are making an small news episode when Lorie makes a sudden violent outburst before storming out of the set. The film then follows the past interactions with Dan in the first half of the film, and Lorie in the second.

This film provides examples of:

  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: As an internal example, one of the assignments the journalists were given was to watch a certain theatre play, and write on whether it is a form of art or simply an expression of sexual activity.
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  • How We Got Here: Dan and Lorie recount their story by talking to other characters.
  • Sleepwalking: Dan reports that Lorie sleepwalked, about the room flooding.
  • This Is My Story


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