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Exposed Animal Bellybutton

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Patrick's bellybutton is located where real life starfish keep their mouths.

Sometimes when you draw animals on any level of anthropomorphism from Nearly Normal Animal to Beast Man, but especially Civilized Animals, Funny Animals, Beast Man, you just give them a humanlike bellybutton, whether "innie" or "outie," that can be seen through their fur, feathers, or scales.

While some cartoon animals have humanlike bellybuttons, Real Life animals don't have navels like this. Placental mammals beside humans are born with a navel that looks very much like a scar.

Other animals, like monotreme mammals, all birds, most reptiles, amphibians, and fish, most insects, some molluscs, and some arachnids don't have navels, as they are oviparous (were born from eggs). Some squamates (the reptile group that includes lizards, snakes, and amphisbaenians) like rattlesnakes, sea snakes, slowworms, and garter snakes, are either viviparous or ovoviviparous (give birth to live young), as are most sharks, live-bearing bony fishes, some species of scorpion, cockroaches, and velvet worms. Some do have navels, including some extinct dinosaurs, but are typically not easily spotted.


A Sub-Trope of Funny Animal Anatomy and Anatomy Anomaly. See also Nonhumans Lack Attributes. Contrast Belly Buttonless.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Wowser, the titular character is white dog with a bellybutton. His feline rival Ratso Catso also has one.

    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • The Marsupilamis have a bellybutton, despite being oviparous.

    Comic Strips 
  • Garfield:
    • Subverted in one strip where the eponymous cat notices a black spot on his belly in the mirror and remarks "I didn't know I had a belly button". Said spot turns out to be a bug, which promptly flies away.
    • Another strip has Garfield eat one of Jon's plants in a fit of jealousy. When Jon complains, Garfield says "If you have anything to say to your precious plant, say it into my bellybutton!"

    Films — Animation 
  • Az Erdő Kapitánya: Piroska wears an open vest with no shirt under, and even though his belly is covered with red fur, his bellybutton is still visible. Also, when Dorka does a handstand to talk to Dini, her dress rolls up, exposing her bellybutton despite her bear-fur.
  • Rango the chameleon has a bellybutton.
  • Jiminy Cricket is shown to have a bellybutton in Pinocchio.
  • In Cinderella, in the scene when Gus, the mouse, is first introduced, Cinderella tries to put a shirt on Gus, but then the shirt rises and pops up. For a SPLIT second, you could spot a bellybutton on Gus while in the air. A little mistake saw Gus trapped in the teacup that Lady Tremaine was about to pour tea into. As Gus jabs in his belly to avoid the boiling tea drop coming down, it seems as though he grew a bellybuttton, while it was really just lines indicating his belly is being pulled in. As his belly rises in relief, it still seems to have the shape of a bellybutton until it fully rises, where the mark disappears.
  • Stupid the weasel from Who Framed Roger Rabbit has a bellybutton.
  • Gloria the Hippo from the Madagascar films has a bellybutton.


    Live-Action TV 
  • CBBC and Going Live mascot Gordon T. Gopher had one, a plastic button on the puppet's stomach that was visible when his T-shirt rode up. It was frequently shown as a "real" bellybutton in illustrations of the character.

    New Media 

    Video Games 
  • Crash Bandicoot has a bellybutton in his early games, but it was gone starting with Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex.
  • This trope is mentioned and subverted in Chrono Trigger. You can try to run from the prison by faking sickness. If Frog is the one faking sickness, he says his bellybutton hurts. After beating guards, he calls them fools for not knowing that frogs don't have bellybuttons.
  • Star Fox: Krystal, a fox, has one, visible in Star Fox Adventures.
  • The Donkey Kong series seems inconsistent as to whether or not the simian Kongs have them. In some games they don't have bellybuttons, even when some reptilian characters, such as the crocodilian K. Rool, do.
  • Rouge the Bat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, has a bellybutton, although it is only visible when she's wearing alternate costumes.
  • Mz. Ruby from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus has a bellybutton despite being an alligator, also Carmelita Fox has a Belly Button since she has A Bare Midriff, and Murray also has a belly button as well.
  • Balthazar from Jitsu Squad, an overweight rhino-man with a bulging pot belly, have a visible bellybutton marked with an "X".
  • Avians and Florans from Star Bound have bellybuttons, although the first ones are birds and second ones are plants.
  • Petey Piranha, a carnivorous plant, has one in Super Mario Sunshine and Super Princess Peach, that acts as his weak point.

    Visual Novels 
  • Keropoyo the Outie Frog is the mascot of the leading social network in Ciconia: When They Cry. The fact that he's a frog with a belly button and most people interact with him constantly has resulted in most kids wrongly believing that frogs actually do have navels.

    Web Animation 
  • The Fat Bluebird from Homestar Runner.
    • The Cheat has a swirl-shaped navel just below his chin.
    Strong Bad: ...and The Cheat's physiology just plain baffles me.
  • In Happy Tree Friends, Splendid the squirrel is given a bellybutton in one shot of the episode "Wrath of Con." This shot also doubles with an Art Shift.
    • By zooming in on a picture of the mentioned shot, you can see it appears to be an innie.
  • MeatCanyon uses this trope to a grotesque effect, befitting his art style.


    Western Animation 
  • Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants has a bellybutton, as shown with the above picture. When fighting SpongeBob in The Fry Cook Games, his belly button takes the form of a pink line.
  • All the main characters of Yin Yang Yo! have bellybuttons. However, the bellybuttons of rabbit siblings Yin and Yang can only be seen in a few episodes whenever their shirts lift up. Master Yo (a panda) has an innie while Yin and Yang have outies.

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