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Yuusha De Aru (...Is A Hero) is a multimedia Magical Girl franchise that began in 2014.

The series is a Magical Girl Genre Deconstruction primarily about middle school-aged girls who work as Magical Girl Warriors known as "Heroes". A group of girls work together to fight monsters called "Vertexes". They fight to save both the World Tree, Shinju-sama, as well as the world itself.



  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The original 12-Episode Anime about the Hero Club. (released October-December 2014)
  • Washio Sumi Chapter note : An animated adaptation of Washio Sumi, released as three movies in 2017 and comprising the first half of Yuuki Yuuna's second season.
    • Washio Sumi Chapter: Friendsnote  (released March 18, 2017)
    • Washio Sumi Chapter: Spirit note  (released April 15, 2017)
    • Washio Sumi Chapter: Promise note  (released July 8, 2017)
  • Hero Chapter: The second half of the second season. (released November 2017-January 2018)
  • Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Churutto!: A spin-off where the girls form an Udon club. (released April 2021-July 2021)


  • Washio Sumi Is a Hero (WaSuYu) note : A prequel novel taking place two years before the anime, centered on the previous Hero team: Sumi Washio, Sonoko Nogi and Gin Minowa (serialized from April - November 2014).
  • Sonoko After: A short novel that serves as an epilogue to the anime, tying it and Washio Sumi together (published in January 2015).
  • Second Hero Story: A short novel that serves as an introduction to Nogi Wakaba is a Hero.
  • Nogi Wakaba is a Hero (NoWaYu) note : A second prequel novel, this time taking place three hundred years before the anime, centered on the very first Hero team of Shikoku, the leader of whom is Sonoko's ancestor (serialized from July 2015 - January 2017).
  • Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero (KuMeYu) note : A light novel series taking place between season one and two of the anime, detailing the story of a group of failed Hero candidates being called by the Taisha to the Golden Tower for a special duty. (serialized from June 2017-)
  • Shiratori Utano is a Hero: A short story about a lone Hero.


  • Washio Sumi Is A Hero: A manga adaptation of the novel. (began June 2014)
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero Club Member note : A comedic 4koma detailing the Hero Club's daily life, eventually including Sonoko. (began July 2014)
  • Yuusha de aru All-Stars: A continuation of the 4koma featuring characters from Yuki Yuna, Washio Sumi, and Nogi Wakaba.
  • Kusunoki Mebuki is Training Now! note : A comedic 4koma featuring the characters of KuMeYu (serialized from September 8, 2017 - November 25, 2017).
  • Nogi Wakaba is a Hero: A manga adaptation of the novel.

Video Games

  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Memories of the Forest note : A video game released for the Play Station Vita that takes place between episodes 3 and 5 of the anime, centered around the Hero Club meeting a mysterious girl within the Jukai. (released February 26, 2015)
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero: A Slice of Life Visual Novel. (released December 17, 2014)
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero S: A sequel to the original Visual Novel. (released May 20, 2015).
  • Yuki Yuna Is A Hero A Sparkling Flower: A mobile tower defense game featuring every single Hero across every story, along with two new Heroes from the Christian Era: Sekka Akihara of Hokkaido and Natsume Kohagura of Okinawa. (released June 8, 2017).

Alternative Title(s): Yuki Yuna Is A Hero