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Series / Neo Ultra Q

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Neo Ultra Q (ネオ・ウルトラQ or Neo Urutora Kyū) is a 2013 Japanese Sci-Fi Horror television drama broadcast by WOWOW and produced by Tsuburaya Productions as an entry in the Ultra Series. It is billed as a second season (actually a direct sequel) to the 1966 drama Ultra Q as well as its remake Dark Fantasy.


  • Jin Haibara (played by Seiichi Tanabe)
  • Emiko Watarase (played by Rin Takanashi)
  • Shohei Shiroyama (played by Hiroyuki Onoue)
  • Professor Yashima (played by Masahiko Shimada; episode 1)
  • Associate Professor Tenge (played by Aoi Tatsumi; episode 1)