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Scorn is an upcoming First-Person Survival Horror game by Serbian developer Ebb Software set in a universe directly inspired by the works of Zdzisław Beksiński and H. R. Giger. The concept is that the Player Character is thrown into this world and has to explore it while solving puzzles and occasionally fighting off monsters in order to better understand the literal nightmare they're in, and possibly escape.

The game was planned to release in two parts; the first, Dasein, in October 2018, and then 2019, but in addition to being delayed to an unspecified date in 2021, the game has had its two parts put back together into one game rather than being released episodically. The game will be distributed through Steam, Windows Store, as a DRM-free download, and on Xbox Series X.

Trailers can be found here.


Tropes that apply to Scorn:

  • Body Horror: When your game is inspired directly by Zdzisław Beksiński and H. R. Giger, this is a given. Special note goes to the humanoid lifeform shown with exposed muscle and glassed over eyes forced into a nook and having a cord of flesh extending from the back of their head, the bizarre thing the Player Character encounters at the end of the reveal trailer, and a mechanism shown at the end of the pre-alpha gameplay trailer that appears to have a fleshy ball with someone cramped inside it (and possibly still alive and conscious, too).
  • Living Weapon: The gameplay trailer indicates this as much with the "Pistol" twitching muscle fibers as if trying to locate a lost limb when you reload it. A tri-barreled shotgun attachment is also shown. Both weapons are "reloaded" and ammo checked by removing the attachment and inserting small glowing pebble-like projectiles into muscle folds.
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