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Works of fiction themed around giant monsters known as Kaijus. A work simply having a Kaiju doesn't count. The Kaiju must be one of the main characters, the main threat of the entire work, or otherwise central to the plot. Kaiju works will make liberal use of Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever if the Kaiju is a giant version of something relatively small, Tokyo Fireball if the Kaiju destroys cities and other structures, and Behemoth Battle if two or more Kaijus fight.

The Kaiju genre is codified by the Godzilla franchise, but the concept of massive creatures is much older, dating back to the age of Religion and Mythology.

Related indexes are Dinosaur Media and Dragon Works, since reptiles tend to be the most popular form of Kaijus, thanks to Godzilla being a massive radioactive dinosaur. Also see Monster Media, since this index is about giant monsters after all.


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