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"OK, Gronk; if you're going to stay here, we're going to need to teach you about my world. One: This is my office. No touchy. Two, there are always cookies in this jar. If we're running low, let me know. Three, you're going to have to watch some educational movies. We'll start with the Muppets."

Gronk is a webcomic by Katie Cook. It can be found here.

The titular Gronk is a monster; she is of indeterminate age, but is probably somewhere in the vicinity of "pretty young." Among all of the monsters, she is the most cute. And she is unhealthily fond of cats for a monster. After her beloved plush kitty is torn in a fight with another monster, she decides to leave the monster woods forever. Soon afterwards, she meets Dale, an affable shut-in who agrees to fix her kitty plushie. The two bond, and Dale agrees to teach Gronk about the human world.


What follows is a Slice of Life comic about a girl and her adopted monster child, in which Gronk attempts to cope with the human world after getting all her information from the Internet and TV. It's cute, it's full of geeky references, it's cute, it has a style of humor similar to Yotsuba&!, and... did we mention it was cute?

Not to be confused with the cute aliens from Strontium Dog. Definitely not to be confused with Gonk or Gronkh.

See also Nothing Special. Katie's next original series that came after this one.

A book collecting the first year's worth of strips was published by Action Lab Comics.

Has nothing to do with Rob Gronkowski.


This webcomic contains examples of:

Dale: They don't.