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A man from the real world is mysteriously cast into the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe. After narrowly avoiding a pack of orcs, he meets up with a monster mercenary named Rose (and many more in the future). Together, the newly named Laven and his (mostly unintended) harem try to figure out how and why is he in these strange lands.

Anonymoose's Monster Girl Saga is a fanfiction of Monster Girl Encyclopedia which can be found here.



  • Always Chaotic Evil: The church believes all monsters are this, even claiming that they devour flesh. In truth, most monsters don't go out of their way to find men.
  • Anti-Magic: Laven outright negates magic on contact, which (among other things) makes him immune to corruption by demonic energy. This may be due to his otherwordly nature, an explanation often used in similar stories for character Trapped in Another World.
  • Ax-Crazy: Many, many of the Arc Villains Laven encounters have seem to have a screw loose, and some are outright psychopaths! Justified, because most of the more mental villains have a Dark and Troubled Past.
    • Professor Vee is this of the highest degree. Originally a rather stoic character, by the time he tricks Laven into activating the Tower of Babel, he maniacally cackles non stop. Lampshaded by Laven.
    • A close contender is Deron, who started off as an innocent wyvern knight. Things quickly go down the crapper when he fails to mount his wyvern. He gains a crazy grudge against all reptilian monsters, and hires Vee to forceful take Domedravica, which is owned by his own sister. At this point, he looks and acts as a horror monster wannabe. Without the narm.
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  • Badass Normal: Even in a world of Physical Gods and superhuman monster girls, human beings without any magic can still be a credible threat. Good examples are Nerick (a terrifying juggernaut who takes Laven's attacks and keeps fighting, only being defeated by Vee) and Malco (who holds his own against the enhanced Aaron, his physical superior in every way).
  • Bare Your Midriff: All of Laven's girls qualify, sans Minte.
  • Battle Harem: Aside from Shoshana, all of the girls are better fighters than Laven, due to being superhumanly strong monsters.
  • Blood Knight: Rose, in spades.
  • The Chessmaster: Professor Vee. Joining Count Aaron's forces against Yaleria? A distraction allowing him to uncover the Tower of Babel; essentially a doomsday device for all of Yaleria. Equipping The Count with nigh invulnerable Powered Armor? Just a test subject for his latest golem model, which glitches out at the worst possible moment for Aaron. Killing Nerick, another nigh invulnerable character right before he kills Laven? He only did just to steal the void crystal, the key for the Tower of Babel. Well done, Vee.
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  • Corrupt the Cutie: Annie is quite possibly the saddest example of this, even without being transformed into a monster! (Something that the fanfic's source material has become extremely infamous for). She was just another sweet little girl living with her mom and dad. Unfortunately, her mother chose to become a succubus and converted her father into an incubus. The monster couple tried turning their own CHILD into a lewd mockery of herself, which is bad enough. Thankfully, she quickly leaves the scene and tries to find the Grand Council. Sadly, thing go straight downhill from here. The Council forces Annie to learn spells that can slay even the mightiest of monsters, but beat up her body so much that her blood veins pop and blood gushes out of her eyes. And why doesn't she ditch the Council? Annie's just as allied to the Grand Council as Zerin, and the whole fiasco with her parents have traumatized her to the point where she's just another mindless tool, like the Green Reaper. Laven's naturally disgusted when he meets such a girl.
  • Cute Monstergirl: Every single female main character can be considered one of these. Even a large part of the side characters are Monster girls.
  • Determinator: Out of all the foes Laven has faced, none is more determined to capture him than Zerin. He chases Laven across scalding deserts, gets crushed by an underground tomb, and Minte gravely wounds his arm during her Heel–Face Turn against the Arc Assassins. Yet, all of this just fills Zerin with Determination to kill Laven. His extreme persistence has been recognized by the Grand Council, and promptly promoted him to "Inquisitor Zerin". Zerin is also notably the only villain who harasses Laven across multiple volumes, besides Professor Vee (and even then, Vee only did direct fighting in 1 out of the two volumes he was the villain. And during that one time, he would've completely ignored fighting Laven if he didn't knock him down the tower of Babel).
  • Dragon Rider: The dragoons of Domdracveria are known for this. The custom began even before the transformation of monsters into monster girls, although said transformation means that the riders now marry their mounts as well.
  • Eldritch Location: Comes in a multitude of flavors.
    • First thing first, we have the Astral Plane, a dimension filled with Alien Geometries where time passes sideways, is also where mana (and thus all magical powers) came from and where teleportation (at least for long-range) have to pass through;
    • then we have the Ebon Wing, which is bascially the demon lord's R&D division as well as her Propaganda Machine, that is in a pocket dimension that needs to be teleported in and out of with the possibility to teleport out of the dimension before you were teleported in if you so choose, and where lovecraftian horrors (thankfully they are now cute monster girls) dwell in;
    • then we have the demon realms, where The Corruption seeps through the air, and where everything is derelict due to those who were corrupted seemed to be a bit... single minded on sex and nothing else;
    • and finally, we have the inside of Minte's mind, which is best described as a Black Bug Room tuned Up to Eleven with the "Bug" being the good guy (which is manipulated by the Corrupt Church to do their bidding).
  • Fiery Redhead: Rose is a literal example, having red hair and a tail that is constantly ablaze.
  • Foil: Monte to Laven. Both of them want to help other people, but Monte's body conducts magic strongly, in contrast to Laven's Anti-Magic nature. To gain the power to protect, Monte allied with Crone and made use of potions and artifacts to enhance his body. Over time, he needed more and more strength and overused these magical aids, eventually warping him into a Hulk-like giant unable to say anything but his name.
  • Hyperspace Is a Scary Place: The teleportation from Yelaria to the southern ruins in a nutshell. To teleport, one must go through a dimension called the Astral Plane, which is also the dimension where "mana", the source behind all magical powers, comes from. And... let's just say the going through there is not exactly good on your sanity due to the sheer amount of Alien Geometries around. Also, time seem to pass sideways there, what felt like three seconds for one might as well feel like fifty thousand years for another, and arriving before you departed is also possible (if not something easy to achieve).
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Laven suffers this at the beginning of the story, losing all memory of who he is.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: Laven picks his name after he manages to escape monsters by hiding in a bed of lavender flowers (whose scent covers up his own).
  • The Night That Never Ends: Yaleria becomes this after the conclusion of its arc. This is a rare positive example, as it benefits the undead who take over the kingdom.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: At the tail end of volume 5. When Laven "negotiates" with Grand Cardinal Ulmpher, he threatens to run all the way back up to Domdracveria, marry Violetta, and then plant the idea that their ancestral lands should be reclaimed with force if necessary. Not only that but forming the entire North into one big mutually ensured destruction crusade against the Empire and the Church. If we hadn't read Laven's story up until now, you would almost think he was the villain threatening to bring about the next world war.
  • Powered Armor: Count Aaron's suit of armor. It's essentially an extremely sturdy golem that moves to his exact movements, leaving him more monster than man. Beside granting him Nigh-Invulnerability, the suit lets him generate new weapons on the fly of demonic energy. Sounds unstoppable? It breaks down right in the middle of fighting Hyria's awakened soldiers.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Besides Chris, who holds a high position in Violetta's forces, all of heroes are mostly average everyday monsters Laven happens to stumble into. Most of them are not that respected, either. Rose is extremely feared for her fight style and brutality compared to monsters before the Genesis (the spell that turned monsters from emotionless, mindless, cruel, gruesome, bloodthirsty, human population control devices into the creatures described in the author quote), Susan is a priestess of a mostly dead religion with her being the only follower, Ba'el and her kind are highly despised by the Church for being corruptive demons and leaders of a deceptively lewd and heretical (in the Church's eyes) religion, (Actual children are NOT spared, adding to the baphomet species' infamy) and Ba'el herself was hunted down by the Grand Council, and Minte's betrayal from the Council hasn't gone down well, especially with Zerin.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Crone gives Laven one of these during their confrontation, pointing out all of the things he's broken. This includes turning Violetta into a dragon (who Crone claims will become consumed by greed and attempt to conquer the world) and crippling sea trade by destroying a major ship.
  • Stripperiffic: Most of Laven's heroines naturally are this trope. This is a MGE fanfic after all! Ba'el is notably the most egregious example, being that her "bikini" is simply two paper thin strands of metal about as wide as her nipples.( And remember, she looks like a... let's just say way below the age of a person who would wear something so skimpy). Somewhat justified in that due to their Cute Monster Girl physiology they don't really need that much protection against the elements... or anything in general.
  • Super Mode: Dragon monsters (including both the type simply called "dragon" and their lesser cousins the wyverns) can temporarily transform into a form that resembles their original monster forms if they have sufficient energy, massively increasing their power.

Alternative Title(s): Annoymoose Monster Girl Saga


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