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Ankama is a French entertainment company, created in 2001 by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer, and Emmanuel Darras, and based in Roubaix, France. Initially founded a web development agency, it shifted focus towards game development after the success of their Flash-based MMORPG Dofus.

Ankama has since diversified itself through several subsidiaries. Its current activities include video game development (Ankama Games and Ankama Studio), production of animated movies and shows (MadLab Animations, formerly Ankama Animations), book publishing (Ankama Éditions), and production of tabletop games (Ankama Products and Ankama Boardgames). Many other activities were abandoned over time, such as music production (Ankama Music), live-action series production (Ankama Productions), press publishing (Ankama Presse), or the historical web development hub (Ankama Web).

Works created, produced or published by Ankama:

Ankama Games

Ankama Animations / MadLab Animations

Ankama Éditions

Ankama Boardgames

Ankama Productions

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Alternative Title(s): Ankama Games