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Jorge Saudinós Sacristán (born July 17, 1971) is a Spanish voice actor and dubbing director. A true who is who in the field of modern Spanish dub, he has an impressive career of 22 years in films, TV series and animation, especially in many of the most famous animes in reaching Spain. He started to learn the art of dubbing at 16 years old and debuted three years later for several films before expanding his range of works, profiling himself as a true enthusiast of the business. In recent times, he has increasingly worked as a dubbing director.


Saudinós is an actor endowed with a surprisingly soft voice, which has allowed him to play from children to young men, but always with a characteristic poise. He is one of the main male leads of animation distributor Arait Multimedia despite not being a very usual member of their cast, though he does have been attached to some of its most important projects like One Piece, where he voices Roronoa Zoro.

Unlike his Captain Tsubasa co-star Pepe Carabias, Saudinós is a soccer fan, which is funny given that he has taken part in no less than four soccer based animes. Among them, he cites his role as Oliver Atton (Tsubasa Ozora) his favorite and most recognizable work.

His younger brother, Alex Saudinós, voiced the title character in Sponge Bob Squarepants and is a voice actor in his own right


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Tropes that apply to Jorge Saudinós:

  • Hot-Blooded: A really Nice Guy, if a bit over-enthusiastic in interviews.
  • Money, Dear Boy: The reason he played Neji aside Shikamari in Naruto. The latter remained as his favourite character in the series.
  • The Other Darrin: As mentioned, he was the second voice of Captain Tsubasas main character. Opinions vary about which voice is better remembered.
  • Real-Life Relative: He and Alex Saudinós respectively played Toji and Kensuke in the Netflix dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Shipper on Deck: He was a big supporter for the Shikamaru/Temari ship in Naruto, which ultimately was proven true.
  • Shrinking Violet: As a child, he was upset for his unusually high-pitched voice, sometimes even getting confused with a girl when picking up the phone. He grew better, although he considers himself still too shy, which is why he sticks up to voice acting in opposition to live action.
  • Talking to Himself: Played both Shikamaru and Neji in Naruto. While he wasn't the only voice of the cast which had to dub more than one character, this instance is really notable given that both are main characters with frequent interactions.
  • Those Two Guys: He and Jaime Roca are typically seen side by side in otaku conventions and the like, sometimes playing up the trope.
  • What Could Have Been: He was originally slated to voice Masaru Daimon in Digimon Savers, and in fact there were recorded takes and TV trailers with him, but at the end he was replaced by the relatively new Adrián Viador, who had a similar voice.

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