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Michel Gondry (born 1963) is a French film, commercial, and music video director known to be a visual trickster of pop music videos and surreal, fantastical, whimsical dramas and the innovator of bullet time.


Notable music videos:

Tropes associated with Michel Gondry:

  • Breakthrough Hit: Although his 1993 video for Björk's "Human Behaviour" received much acclaim, it wasn't until the following year that Gondry really established himself with the video for Danish rapper Lucas' "Lucas with the Lid Off". The video was an impressive, elaborate single-take effort that first earned Gondry his reputation as a music video auteur and a master visual stylist. He was nominated for a Grammy for his work, and the video was partly credited with turning the song into an international hit.
  • Genre Mashup: His films usually twist and combine various different genres, from superhero comedy to surreal, sci-fi drama.
  • Genre Roulette: He's worked in a variety of different genres, from sci-fi romantic dramedy (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), to animated documentary (Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?) to stand-up concert film (Dave Chappelle's Block Party).
  • Scenery Porn: His films are known for their visual splendor.