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America's Boy

John "Jackie" Cooper Jr. (September 15, 1922 - May 3, 2011) was an American actor, director, producer and executive best known for his work as a child star in the 1930's, and as an adult for Superman: The Movie, Superman II, and Superman III.

Cooper rose to fame in 1931, when he played the title role in best picture nominee, Skippy. The role earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor. He is still the youngest person ever nominated in the category, at age 9.

Known as "America's Boy", he starred in a series of drama's where he helped to codify the image of the Adorably Precocious Child on film. After the success of The Champ, a series of films were written for him and co-star Wallace Beery.

Cooper became well known for his crying scenes, MGM executives referring to him as "Buckets of Tears". Even forcing Victor Fleming to go back and insert scenes of Cooper crying into Treasure Island .


He transitioned into a teen star, and as an adult became a director for various television shows.

He was married to actress June Horne, actress/writer Hildy Parks, and Barbara Rae Kraus, and had four children, one with Horne and three with Kraus.

Cooper died in 2011 at the age of 88 of undisclosed causes.

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