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Series / The Donna Reed Show

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The Donna Reed Show is an American sitcom starring Donna Reed as Donna Stone, a typical middle-class housewife with her husband, Dr. Alex Stone (Carl Betz). The series follows them and their family as they go through light situations as Donna helps out with charity drives and community theatre, with the occasional eccentric relative to create chaos in the household.

The series also starred Shelley Fabares, Paul Petersen, and Patty Petersen.

The series was produced by Screen Gems and aired from 1958–66 on ABC.

Tropes for the series:

  • Christmas Episode: "A Very Merry Christmas"
  • Cousin Oliver: Happens when the family adopts a homeless child after their eldest child, Mary, goes to college.
  • Housewife: The show focuses on the housewife, Donna, who holds the family together and is an active member of her community. There was even an episode which explains how women who are "just" housewives actually do many jobs requiring special skills - nutritionist, nurse, therapist, etc.
  • Not Listening to Me, Are You?: In one episode, Mary complains that her father doesn't actually pay attention when she tells him about her day:
    Alex: How was school, Mary?
    Mary: Not bad. I got expelled.
    Alex: Good.