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Film writer/director from Winnipeg, Canada who has been making low-budget independent films since the mid-80s. IMDb link

Works include:


Tropes applying to Guy Maddin:

  • Deliberately Monochrome
  • Le Film Artistique
  • In-Camera Effects / Practical Effects: The low-fi look of his films are achieved by practical means rather than alterations in post production:
    • They shoot on old film stock and with old lenses which they would scratch to make little gashes appear on the film throughout, then rotate the lens so that gashes appeared in different places during the course of the film.
    • Vaseline was put on the lenses which makes the films appear "fuzzy" in places.
    • Some of the films are shot with black and white Super 8 film, then blown up to 35mm.
    • Guy Maddin also uses one direct light source (or at least the illusion of one light source) which blanches the actors' faces and gives his films a very shadowy feel.
  • Male Frontal Nudity: Shows up in Cowards Bend The Knee and Brand Upon the Brain!.
  • Production Posse: He and Isabella Rossellini formed one for the better part of The Noughties, starting with her appearance in The Saddest Music in the World.
  • Retraux: The vintage look of most of his movies.
  • Silence Is Golden: His film resemble those of the silent movie era.

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