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An index of all articles about entertainers, namely people who became famous for putting up shows that are difficult to categorize otherwise. Examples would be daredevils, circus people, acrobats, sword swallowers, escape artists, ventriloquists, jugglers, mimes, sideshow artists, freakshow artists, burlesque dancers, vaudeville acts, strippers, cheerleaders,...

See also Actors, Comics and Dancers.

Entertainers with their own wiki pages:

Other entertainers of note:

  • PT Barnum - 19th century circus and sideshow director.
  • Chang and Eng Bunker - 19th century conjoined twins who were exhibited during sideshows.
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor - Woman who became famous by appearing in game shows and acting like a diva.
  • Gallagher - Best known for smashing watermelons on stage.
  • Uri Geller - Made a career over using paranormal powers to bend spoons. This talent has been contested over the years by James Randi, notable debunker of such tricks.
  • John Massis - Belgian acrobat whose major claim to fame was that he pulled trains and other heavy stuff by his teeth.
  • Joseph Merrick - Man who suffered from a rare medical disease and who was exhibited during sideshows. His life was made into the biopic The Elephant Man .
  • Annie Oakley - 19th century sharp shooter.
  • Joseph Pujol - 19th century artist, better known as "Le Pétomane", who entertained his audience through flatulence. He farted on stage and was able to play the French national anthem by making these noises.
  • Mark Roberts - American who enjoys "streaking" (running in the nude) during sports events and has done this so much that he practically became notorious for it.
  • Siegfried and Roy - Magicians who also perform with white tigers.
  • Rollen Stewart - Man who appeared in a rainbow wig and holding up a Bible quote sign during sports events.