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They're going to show you a good time.note 

Joshua Safdie (born April 3, 1984) and Benny Safdie (born February 24, 1986) are a writer/director/editor Sibling Team from New York City known for their intense, anxiety-inducing crime stories, naturalistic dialogue and use of vivid, fluorescent color.

While they're both very hands-on on the technical side of their projects, Benny has also stepped in to act in instances such as Good Time and Goldman v Silverman. He's currently slated to co-star with Nathan Fielder in a Showtime comedy The Curse, which he's set to write with Fielder and direct with Josh; he is also set to appear in the Star Wars Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Projects the Safdie brothers have worked on:


The Safdie Brothers and their films provide examples of:

  • Amateur Cast / Darkhorse Casting: While Good Time and Uncut Gems are primarily known for their powerhouse performances from Robert Pattinson and Adam Sandler, respectively, the Safdies fill out their casts with actors who have little to no acting experience, ranging from felon-turned-actor Buddy Duress to NBA champion Kevin Garnett. invoked
  • Antihero: None of the Safdies' protagonists are traditionally heroic, instead tending to be selfish, impulsive jerks with hearts of gold. At worst they're destructive, narcissistic Villain Protagonists, such as Connie in Good Time.
  • Associated Composer: Starting with Good Time, the Safdies have begun collaborating with electronic musician Daniel Lopatin.
  • Big Applesauce: Literally every film they've helmed has taken place in New York City (aside from their one documentary endeavor).
  • Black Comedy: Despite the their constantly tense atmospheres, combinations of dialogue and unconventional situations leads to more than a few instances of this across their filmography.
  • Broken Record: To go along with their realistic diction, characters often repeat themselves constantly in the same scene; in instances like Uncut Gems, it's at least partially because characters are constantly talking over each other.
  • Production Posse: Nearly all of the Safdie Brothers' scripts have been co-written with their friend Ronald Bronstein, who also assists with editing and starred in Daddy Longlegs. invoked


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