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Fulci's attention to gruesome detail is so excessive it's ridiculous, approaching blood porn.
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Lucio Fulci (17 June 1927 – 13 March 1996) was an Italian screenwriter and director.

He was best known for splattery Gialli and horror films (though he also made westerns and comedies). His films seldom pass up an excuse for gore, and the effects are consistently over-the-top — sometimes horrifyingly convincing, sometimes amusingly fake, but always extreme. His films are driven by theme and visual style rather than coherent plot; they tend to be deeply pessimistic, and propelled toward nihilistic Downer Endings.

Compare Dario Argento and George A. Romero.

His best-known films (all from 1971-1984) are:

  • A Cat In The Brain, an extremely meta horror film starring Fulci As Himself — a horror-film director who seeks psychiatric help when he begins seeing the world Through the Eyes of Madness.

Other films he made include:

  • Massacre Time, one of three Spaghetti Westerns he directed.
  • The Silver Saddle, one of three Spaghetti Westerns he directed.
  • White Fang (1973), a rare family film in his repertoire.
  • Zombi 3D, a "sequel" to his own Zombi 2 that is one part The Return of the Living Dead, one part Day of the Dead (1985), and one part The Crazies (1973), telling the story of a conflict between scientists and the military following a zombie-inducing contamination and a group of survivors trying to get out of Dodge alive.