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Christopher McQuarrie (born June 12, 1968 in Princeton, New Jersey) is an American screenwriter, director and producer.

McQuarrie is best known for his frequent collaborations with actor Tom Cruise, which began with the 2008 historical drama Valkyrie, and later included films such as Jack Reacher, Edge of Tomorrow, and The Mummy.

After writing and directing 2015's Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, he became the first director in the Mission: Impossible franchise to return with a second entry in 2018's Fallout. In 2019, it was announced that he'd write and direct the seventh and eighth Mission: Impossible films. McQuarrie also took part to the writing of sequel to Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick.

McQuarrie has also worked frequently with director Bryan Singer, having written the aforementioned Valkyrie, as well as The Usual Suspects (for which he won an Academy Award), Jack the Giant Slayer, and uncredited rewrites of the 2000 X-Men film.


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Tropes associated with this creator:

  • Art-Shifted Sequel: As requested by Tom Cruise, he deliberately changed his directing style for Mission Impossible: Fallout.
  • Artist Disillusionment: McQuarrie once admitted in an interview in the late 2010s that making a Star Wars movie was one of the things he'd always wanted to do, but the prospect of having to deal with the Star Wars fandom had killed his youthful enthusiasm.
  • invokedProduction Posse: He and Cruise have collaborated on nine films together.
  • invokedWhat Could Have Been: McQuarrie pitched a Man of Steel sequel and a Green Lantern proposal to Warner Bros. In his words, he wasn't outright rejected, just ignored and he wasn't impressed by what he described as the studio wanting him to fix ideas rather than present original ones.