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James Edward Burrows (December 30, 1940) is an American director, producer, and writer, who has worked almost entirely in television.

Brooks got his start in the mid-1970s and immediately got work on some of the most popular shows of the era, directing eleven episodes of The Bob Newhart Show, and eight episodes of Laverne & Shirley. He became the main director for the critically-acclaimed series Taxi, directing about 3/5 of the episodes over the show's four-year run. Brooks followed that up by being a co-creator of one of the most popular sitcoms in American television history, Cheers. He directed about 7/8 of the episodes of Cheers over the 11 years that it was on the air, 1982-93. Burrows occasionally directed episodes of hugely popular 1990s sitcoms like Friends and the Cheers spinoff Frasier. In 1998 Brooks became the director of Will & Grace. He was the only director the show ever had over 246 episodes, including both the 1998-2006 original run and the 2017-2020 revival.

He was married to Linda Solomon, currently married to Debbie Easton and has three daughters and one stepdaughter.

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