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"I may not be as famous as Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung, but I can be sexier than either of them!"

If Jackie Chan is the Jack-of-All-Stats and Sammo Hung is the Mighty Glacier, Yuen Biao is the Fragile Speedster.

The third and often overlooked member of the three dragons of Hong Kong kung-fu cinema, Yuen Biao (Born 夏令震 Xià Lìng-Zhèn (Hsia Ling-Jun) in 26 July 1957 in Hong Kong) is the sixth child of his family. Trained in the Peking Opera School The China Drama Academy since age six, Yuen Biao would later become a cinematic legend in martial arts films, his acrobatic talents makes him a favorite choice in Hong Kong action cinema.

According to Jackie Chan's autobiography, when Yuen was first asked by his teacher to perform a backflip, Yuen (then barely 10 years of age) did a proper backflip on his very first try.


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