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The Great Dragon

"Whether playing a good guy or a bad guy, I want to see that the script has the full character development for me to be a good actor, so that I could use my acting methods to express the character, which will eventually enhance the story telling."

Hong-Kong-based martial artist, actor, producer, director, and fight choreographer and real name Hung Kam-bo/Hong Jinbao (洪金寶). Hung (born January 7, 1952) is known throughout Asia as "The Great Dragon", and is, along with the other two "Dragons", Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao, credited with creating the modern Martial Arts Movie.

Sammo grew up along with Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao, and the three were raised to become performers of Peking Opera, alongside other kungfu legends like Yuen Wah, Yuan Qiu, and Cory Yuennote . The Peking Opera tradition is famed for its highly acrobatic fighting scenes, which the three carried with them to their film productions. Sammo's trademark over-weightedness comes from a period in his youth, when he was bedridden with disease for three months and was unable to train. In 1988, a biographical film of the Seven Little Fortunes, Painted Faces, was released, with Sammo portraying Master Yu.

Hung is not particularly well-known in the West as an actor, but has done a lot of stunt work (he worked as the stunt coordinator on Enter the Dragon, and played Bruce Lee's opponent in the opening scene). He claims to have convinced Lee to have a real fight with him, but won't say who won. In Asia, he is considered one of the superstars of action films, starting with his breakout role in the Affectionate Parody Enter the Fat Dragon. Westerners are most likely to remember him for starring in the TV series Martial Law.

He is trained in Karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Aikido, Wushu and Sanda.

He could have been the swords-master for the Star Wars prequel-trilogy. Unfortunately, the financers of Fox Studios vetoed the idea.

Tropes relating to this performer:

  • Acrofatic: Sammo is built like a teddy bear, having gained weight as a young man due to illness, but is still extremely agile. Jackie Chan once said of him, "he's built like an elephant, but moves like a monkey."
  • Faster Than They Look: He famously moves much quicker than you'd expect a man his size to be capable of.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Sammo is a cigar aficionado.
  • Kiai: He uses this liberally in all of his fight scenes. Nearly every movement (even ones that do not involve direct contact with the opponent) is accompanied by some form of vocalization.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's very strong with the build to match and exceptionally quick and agile.
  • Old Master: Over sixty, but can still beat people half his age and weight on- and off-screen. If he wants to, he will DESTROY you, as seen in Ip Man 2.
  • Reformed Bully: He used to bully Jackie Chan while they attended the same school. However, now the two have starred in the same films together and are no longer enemies.
  • Stout Strength: He's heavyset but extremely strong and capable of delivering devastating blows as his fight scenes illustrate.